Generate ROI with Co-Managed IT Services

3 ways co-managed services generate ROI for a business

Managed services are growing in popularity, with the global market expected to reach more than $200 billion by the end of 2020. There’s a good reason for this, with the benefits of managed services well established.

But what if you don’t want to outsource your entire IT function? What if you already have an internal IT team or wish to retain some of your operations in-house? That’s where co-managed services come in. Here are three ways co-managed services can generate ROI for your business:

Enable your internal IT staff to be more impactful

You have an internal IT team that knows your business inside out. Their expertise is invaluable, yet they never seem to get the time they need to focus on the key goals to drive your business forward.

Does this sound familiar?

When you choose a co-managed service, you can offload tedious or time-consuming tasks to a partner. This shared workload means your IT staff gain more time — and consequently, more bandwidth — to realize your business strategy and work on the more significant tasks that get results.

A co-managed service also enables you to plug gaps in your teams’ knowledge without hiring more staff or adding expensive training days to your budget. Instead, you gain access to specialized knowledge, working together with your partner to increase your IT function’s impact.

Large IT resources at a fraction of the cost

Are you a small organization with big ambitions? A co-managed partner provides you with a wealth of IT resources for much less than it would cost you to recruit and train staff in-house.

A co-managed partner will already have a large team of IT specialists, ranging from those able to provide fundamental support to highly specialized experts in their field.

Whatever your business needs from its IT to achieve its goals, you will have access to it through your partner — from software to tools and training. This capability means you can do more with less, tailoring the support provided by your co-managed partner to meet your precise needs.

Enhanced productivity and uptime with co-managed service

Is your current IT team struggling to grow your business while simultaneously keeping everything live and working? This dilemma is one of the biggest frustrations experienced by business owners.

On the one hand, you want your IT staff to have time to focus on the strategic vision for your company. On the other, you need them to keep your IT systems running to maximize the productivity of the business as a whole.

Sharing the load with a co-managed partner means you can do both, with enhanced productivity and uptime. You no longer have to choose between the two, since a co-managed partner provides 24/7 monitoring and help desk services to reduce the impact on your in-house IT team’s daily workflow.

This enhanced monitoring ensures issues get resolved quickly, minimizing the expense to your business. This monitoring is essential, especially considering a recent report found that the average hourly cost of downtime is over $60,000.

Not only that, but routine tasks — like updating software and applications — can be performed by your partner, ensuring your systems remain as secure as possible at all times.

Working alongside a co-managed partner to meet your organization’s IT needs can significantly impact ROI for the better, without compromising the skills you’ve worked hard to build in your own IT team. It’s all about collaboration — a partnership that can evolve, expand, and improve as your business grows to ensure the continual growth a sustainable IT function provides.