Fourth of July

6 ways to make your Fourth of July the best ever

With the Fourth of July coming up, there are several ways to celebrate the holiday and have the awesomest time ever!

Here are some Fourth of July tips to turn your Independence Day into the best one yet.

1. Enjoy all-day fun and fireworks

Instead of spending the day on software licensing and configurations, relax with friends and family enjoying a national pastime.

Where to view the fireworks

Tip: Arrive early and bring foldable chairs, coolers and snacks (if permitted).

2. Have an amazing backyard barbecue

Stuck planning computer upgrades with IT tech support? Start planning your barbecue “upgrades.”

  • Have everyone bring a dish so there will be less to do
  • Plan your music playlists ahead of time
  • Put on YouTube concerts with your favorite singers
  • Set up backyard games like Frisbee, putt-putt and volleyball
  • Add foldable recliners and hammocks for ample relaxation
  • Offer the best BBQ dishes and meat-free options

Tip: Remember food safety precautions and keep chicken, dairy and mayo cold to avoid food poisoning.

3. Host a cook-off challenge

In the office reading about network threat challenges? Plan a holiday cook-off challenge instead.

  • Have everyone sign up for dishes they will bring for the event
  • What should they cook? Try the best barbecue sauce and ribs, the best hot wings, the best slaw and other sides
  • For kids, have a cupcake or cookie decorating challenge
  • For mixed drinks, see who can create the best jello shooters, rum punch or watermelon margaritas (ole!)

Tip: Hand out prizes for winners. Losers clean up (wait, what?).

4. Hit the beach

Instead of sitting in the office working on tech tips, head to the beach and focus on summer beach fun.

  • Bring a volleyball, soccer ball, Nerf football or Frisbee
  • Purchase a few inflatable rafts and noodles (if your beach allows it)
  • Pack the cooler with drinks, ice and frozen pops
  • Don’t forget the SPF, beach chairs, umbrella, towels, sanitizers, sun hats, music, headphones, playing cards, books and snacks!

5. Create your own splash park

Working on summer disaster recovery training? Shift your focus to creating your summer backyard playground.

To get started

  • Section off areas for a slip ‘n’ slide—you just need a large tarp and garden hose
  • Set up a spot for sprinklers the kids can run through
  • Set aside an area for an inflatable pool . . . or two . . . or three . . .
  • Buy luau-style decorations, leis, inflatable palm trees and beach-themed music
  • Add delicious luau-themed food or your favorite summer BBQ dishes

Tip: Keep sprinklers farthest away from the house and don’t let them run all day. They tend to create a muddy mess!

6. Pick up barbecue and watch the fireworks at home

If you’re stuck working remotely and can’t get out for the festivities, plan to watch the fireworks on TV. Order a little barbecue, an apple pie, fruit salad and drinks.

Voila! Instant holiday!

However you spend the Fourth of July, make it a memorable occasion. Invite friends and family, take plenty of photos and videos, and have the best holiday ever!

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