Actively using the power of community to improve your recipe for success

I recently wrote a blog about working with and securing  Data41.  It was the result of hard work on several fronts involving people, tools and processes on both sides.  Many things went into this successful deployment, check out the recipe we used to make a great business meal!  It’s not deductible but still worth the effort 😊

1 Cup of TXA Peer Group

Hans and I belong to TXA peer groups facilitated by Ingram Micro.  We continually commit to improving ourselves and take significant time, money and effort to attend several face to face meetings annually to meet that goal. 

1 Tablespoon of Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro facilitates our peer groups and it is a lot of work for them.

It is not a profit center for them at all but rather shows their ongoing channel commitment.  Plenty of smart folks at Ingram help Data41, KME and many other partners succeed.

Large dash of vendor seasoning

There are many vendors that support our peer groups and they deliver strong content not only about their product but what they see in the marketplace. These vendors are solidly committed to the overall success of their partners.  We couldn’t do our job without them!

Team members to suit

You need a strong group of folks to make any process a reality. Data41, KME, and Ingram all have great teams making our combined success a reality every day.

Combine, simmer, and stir often

The ongoing commitment from Ingram, Vendors, channel partners and our team members create solid offerings to protect themselves and their clients. It truly is an ongoing recipe for success.  Keep the heat set right, always be learning and make it better for all!

The next time you look for a new vendor or partner, ask your potential candidates how they listen, learn, improve, and succeed in their recipe for success like we do at Data41, Ingram, and KME.

Check out Data41’s blog on this topic too!