phone bill analysis

We’ll analyze your phone or ISP bill for free—no obligation!

SMB leaders tend to be budget-conscious, and we understand why. Finding the right balance between cost savings and the service levels you need to stay competitive can be a tall order. We’d like to help.

Why you need a phone or ISP bill analysis

When it comes to business expenses, few are as confusing as your phone or ISP bill. You know you need phone and internet services. You can’t operate without those. But are there ways to lower the expense?

These invoices are often tough to decipher. Sure, you can look at each line item. That’s the easy part. The hard part is knowing if you really need everything you’re paying for. Are there add-ons you’re not even using? And are there less costly options you don’t even know about?

We’re not even saying your provider is intentionally hiking up the cost. It could be as simple as this—there might be better options for you, for the way your business operates, and you don’t know about them.

But there’s one way to find out.

What you get with bill analysis from KME

Our offer is simple. We’ll take a look at your phone or ISP bill, analyze it top to bottom, and give you an unbiased assessment of how you can save some money. That’s it.

There’s no fee for the analysis. No obligation to do business with us. You can use our advice to save money and never talk to us again if you want to.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: 100% free analysis

A Senior KME Voice Engineer will analyze your current telecom and broadband services at no charge.

This isn’t something we hand off to an intern who barely knows bill analysis better than the average consumer. This is one of our top people with years of experience.

Our Voice Engineer will seek out every possible way to lower your ongoing monthly expense.

Step 2: Expert-level advice

We’re not going to suggest that you strip your plan down to the bare bones of what’s available. Instead, we’ll take into account what you actually need from your phone and internet services.

The goal is to find ways to lower expenses without negatively impacting the way you do business. If there are opportunities to save, we’ll find them—without sacrificing service levels.

Step 3: You make the call

Finally, we’ll hand off our recommendations and leave the choice to you.

We won’t insist on any changes. Our analysis, advice and assistance in changing coverage are completely optional. In other words, we’re offering our industry-leading consultation services for free.

Why do we do this?

Why would we go to all this trouble if there really isn’t a catch? That’s easy. Because we actually give a damn.

We care about our community. We care about business partnerships. We care about pitching in where we can and helping out.

Yes, a lot of the folks we do this free service for choose to work with us. Of course, we hope for that. But we’re confident we’re doing something worthwhile whether you choose to work with us or not.

All that’s left for you to do is get in touch with us. You could literally start saving money today.