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Is your business secure? Are you sure? Why are you sure?

I’m honored to be part of CompTIA’s cybersecurity advisory council. It’s a powerful group of highly skilled people with a stated goal of “To develop the tools and resources that tech companies can use to increase the cyber resilience of the IT industry and accelerate the adoption of best practices.”

Are You Wasting the Help of Your MSP?

Good managed services providers want to deliver on their promises. They made a commitment to your management to keep end-users productive and happy. Sometimes the smallest annoyance can become the biggest complaint. Just tell us and we’ll fix it. After all, you’re paying for that computer support. Use it!

iPhone, Android or Server?

It takes all types of people (and devices) to make your organization work well. There’s no judgment here. Not for your staff or for your devices. Instead, we believe everyone and everything just needs proper support.
And that’s our job.

You Don’t Know How to Use Office 365

Most small businesses buy Office 365 for just four features: Word, Excel, Outlook and access to Exchange. In one sense, there’s nothing wrong with that. Those tools are business standards. Even if that’s all you use, that’s a good reason to get Office 365 and keep it. But there’s so much more you could do with it.

Make Your Office 365 Adoption Amazing

You know Excel pivot tables, you’ve mastered Word, and you can work Outlook with the best of them. Basically, you’re an Office rockstar. Even so, there’s probably a lot you don’t know about Office 365. The average user hasn’t tapped into some of Microsoft’s most powerful features.