Business Continuity

9 Reasons You Need a Business Continuity Plan

There are two kinds of challenges to doing business. There’s the normal day-to-day stuff. And then there’s the unexpected. The things you can’t see coming until they hit you square in the face. When it comes to the second kind, having a business continuity plan makes all the difference.
Collaborative Technology

How Collaborative Technology Transforms Business

Collaborative technology allows your staff to work together more seamlessly than ever before, and there are dozens of tools available. Collaborative tech now includes voice communications, instant messaging, document sharing, project management, remote access and more.
Disaster City

Disaster Recovery That Would Make Batman Proud

Disaster recovery has a single goal. It won’t make your company more efficient, or generate leads, or attract new employees. It won’t even make you more profitable during normal day-to-day operations. Instead, disaster recovery helps you get back on your feet in the wake of any kind of interruption.
Communication Costs

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cutting Communication Costs

If you do a quick Google search for ways to trim SMB communication costs, you’ll find plenty of articles. But that’s part of the problem. An alarming number of them suggest cost-cutting strategies that are just plain stupid. There’s no magic bullet, but our tips will make a difference in your bottom line without slowing you down.
General George S. Patton

IT Support as Unique as You

Your company isn’t like any other company. Your IT support shouldn’t be some cookie-cutter, plug-and-play solution. It should be as unique as your needs. That’s the kind of IT support KME provides.

How Disaster Recovery Protects Your Company’s Reputation

At KME, we care a great deal about disaster recovery. We understand the impact downtime has on your bottom line. We also understand the hit your reputation will take if you don’t know how to navigate a disaster.
Working Remotely

How to Make Working Remotely Work

Remote work allows for flexibility, versatility and a whole new layer of collaboration. But there are three key questions to determine if remote work will work for your business.

Unleash Business Agility with Cloud Solutions

Few business resources pack as much punch as cloud solutions. Working in the cloud can unleash all kinds of untapped potential in your organization. If you want to take full advantage of the cloud, you need ensure you’re using the right tools.
Old West Posse

An IT Helpdesk Is More like the Wild West Than You’d Think

No matter the size of your company, you can’t afford to waste resources. But that’s exactly what you’re doing if you have non-IT staff trying to put out IT-related fires.
a man in a business suit, wearing a knight helmet and holding a sword and shield, standing in front of a city. he represents a managed IT services general

Win the War with Managed IT Services

Your business has too many fights to win by itself. A managed IT services provider can help win the war by ensuring your technology never goes down.