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An IT Consultant Works Tech Magic Like Your Own Personal Gandalf

One does not simply walk into Mordor. And one does not simply handle their IT strategy by themselves.

The “Fellowship of The Ring” undertook the terrifying task of returning the Ring of Power to Mount Doom in order to destroy it – but they almost certainly could not have done so without assistance from Gandalf the Grey (later “the White”).  

Thankfully, most of us do not have to undertake something as daunting as the Fellowship did. But – lucky for you – you can still have your own, personal Gandalf to help you along your journey. Well, okay – not really Gandalf . . . but an IT consultant is kind of like Gandalf. Here’s how:

They Watch Over You and Your Mission

As the Fellowship formed, Gandalf accompanied them to assist them with their mission in any way he could – offering sage advice and intervening on their behalf when he could.

Similarly, your IT consultant will virtually accompany you and your team through your objectives and assist you with accomplishing your goals. When intervention is necessary, they take action – all in the name of advancing you and your company to where you want to be. They’re absolute tech wizards. (See what we did there?)

They Arrive Precisely When They Mean To

In their darkest hours, the Fellowship was usually saved by Gandalf at the very last minute – riding in on his mystic horse, stopping the goblins, orcs, and Uruk-Hai from overtaking the group and their supporters. His arrivals at the most needed moments were invaluable to their success.

Likewise, you’ll find your IT consultant will be available to you whenever you need them. If anything goes wrong or needs to be fixed – or even adjusted, they’re there. However, you likely shouldn’t expect them to ride in on a majestic steed as Gandalf did. While dramatic, those types of entrances in an office environment can be a bit messy.

They Help Keep the Evil Balrogs Out of Your System

“YOU . . . SHALL NOT . . . PASS!!!”

In one of the most dramatic moments of the saga, Gandalf selflessly sacrifices himself to save the group by placing himself between them and the fiery Balrog. As a result, the Fellowship escapes the mines of Moria and continue their mission.

While making the ultimate sacrifice will most likely not be necessary, your IT consultant can (and will) stand in the way of any cybercriminals trying to thwart your mission of business success. As they approach, your IT consultant will have safeguards set in place to ensure they “shall not pass.” Sure, it’s not quite as exciting, but what you should be excited about is the prospect of how safe you and your company will be!

Select the Best IT Consultant to Be Your Gandalf

Suppose Frodo and Sam had befriended the wrong wizard to help them along the way – ­someone like Radagast or – worse yet – Saruman? It’s a good bet they wouldn’t have gotten nearly as far as they did with the assistance of Gandalf. They chose their companion wisely. Ensure you do the same.

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