CryptoLocker Thieves Busted!

As a follow up for those of you who read our previous blog on CryptoLocker in June of 2014, authorities smashed these folks, but not before they extorted $3 million from victims all over the world.    An estimated 500,000 people got the virus and about 1.3% paid the ransom leaving quite a few people with encrypted files they could never get back.  Until now.  You can get your files back for free.

Two firms,  FireEye and FoxIT, decided to undo the deceitful work of these thieves.

After careful study, plenty of industry leaders, and I’m sure a measure of ability not to be disclosed, these firms reverse engineered and captured the decryption keys for the previously “lost data”.  Plus, they developed a website to help the victims of this scam.   These firms definitely deserve honorable mention.

For more details, visit FoxIT’s CryptoLocker Ransomware Intelligence Report.

If you or anyone you know was hit with the virus and still have the files available, please visit decrypt CryptoLocker and follow the simple instructions.  They will help you decrypt your “lost data”.

New threats come out every day, so be sure you have a layered protection strategy to save your data and keep thieves out in the first place.  No single solution is perfect, but a well thought out plan is a must.

For more information on the CryptoLocker thieves or how to get your data back, please contact us at 949-462-7001 ext 460 or

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