I clicked on a bad email – What do I do? Am I fired??  

It’s 1:30 PM, you just returned from lunch, and your inbox updates with a slew of new messages to catch up on from the morning. You notice an email from the CEO of your company asking you to complete a task. Could this be your big break? Your CEO asks you to review an attachment so you can help on a project, but the email is not from your CEO, and a stranger now has access to your computer.

That’s all it takes to find yourself in this common IT snafu.

The first reaction is to close the window quickly, pull power to your PC, and maybe cross your fingers, hoping you don’t get fired. You peek out of your cubicle, hoping no one notices the disturbance.

Didn’t we take a training course on this – Why did I still make that mistake? 

So, what do you do?

Well, if you are a KME client, please call us right away. The best thing you can do is tell us what happened, and we’ll review and take corrective action. Our security tools and team members on the ground are trained and ready for these situations, but what makes them unique is veteran knowledge and experience so that we can cause laser-like rapid reactions.

Accidents happen, but giving KME professionals the specific and timely knowledge to support mishaps like these allows us to work faster and prevent more damage to your organization and your technical reputation.

Want to know how to prevent this scenario from happening to you? Hit our contact form so KME can get your questions answered today. We’re all fighting the good fight together, and we give a damn about these mistakes too!