I’ve moved to the Cloud, now what about that useless server room?

Before you turn out the lights and turn off the AC unit, I’ve got a few suggestions for how a room, once critical to your operations, can become even more important to your business.

Wine Bottles

Wine Storage

Think about it, the room is climate controlled, secure and close by. You can store those spendy wines you covet, which just happen to be the same ones your in-laws ask to take home when they visit. Now you can say sorry! All that pesky wine is at work, but I’ve got a great bottle of soda for you. Fresh vintage too!

There is one caveat here, be sure you quickly find out who has a key to the server room. After a little while, the wine value will be greater than any of the technology you had in the room to begin with, so you’ll need to make sure it’s secure or the wine may be disappear like your servers!

Chill Room

Chill Room

Well, it does have a dedicated HVAC system to keep it nice and cool. Setup a couple couches, play trance music and dim the lights. Your staff will soak up the relaxation as well as continue to learn from embedded knowledge. After all, those servers were there for so many years, there must be leftover energy from all the applications that were migrated away. This is the perfect spot for your team to chill and gain knowledge!

Rent Storage Space

There are storage businesses everywhere and now you can actually make money from the space that used to cost you thousands of dollars. Your staff can bring in their stuff, store it and if they don’t pay the fee’s you can auction everything off! Even more revenue!


Want a wine storage locker or a chill room? Call KME Systems, we can help you migrate to the cloud and even help renovate the old server room…

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