Keeping business technology in check (so you can have a life away from work!)

Workers in the United States are considered some of the most overworked in the entire world. With millions of people pulling 50 to 70 hour work weeks and unable to unplug when they get home, it’s definitely taking a toll.

Too many Americans experience an overall lower quality of life because of their jobs.

The question is, what can be done to stop this? Unfortunately, this has become the “norm,” with business technology and tasks overtaking all aspects of a person’s life.

Deep breaths. Take a few deep breaths. We have suggestions for restoring some much-needed balance.

Trust us, there are steps you can take to help achieve the work-life balance you desire.

Use different social networks for personal life and work life

If you want to draw a line between your work and personal life, it’s a good idea to start online.

Try to create separate social media pages for personal use and work use. This is extremely beneficial. After all, when you consider the average person spends approximately five years of their total life on social media, having separation can do wonders for your overworked mind.

After all, if you have the same account for personal and work use, you’ll be dealing with and reading about work issues when you’re supposed to be having personal time.

Separate accounts help you avoid this issue altogether.

Don’t check for emails upon waking up

If you’re in the habit of immediately rolling over to check your phone for work-related emails first thing in the morning, that’s a habit you need to bring to a screeching halt. Now.

You may even be doing this unintentionally. For example, you want to check the time, but the notification for a work-related email catches your eye. The next thing you know you’re leaping from the bed, your heart racing, even before you’ve had a chance to stretch.

The solution for this is so simple it’ll probably annoy you.

Buy an alarm clock. Leave your phone in another room. Don’t rely on the alarm clock on your phone to wake you.

Take time to unplug

Modern workers have a 24/7 work culture. However, the notion that business leaders have to be connected every hour of every day of the year is a disaster for balance. Yes, it’s good to be connected. But you also have to take time to unplug and disconnect.

Besides, your business may be your baby, but if you’re a competent leader, you should be able to step away from it for personal time without everything falling apart.

If possible, try to disconnect a few weeks of the year. If you can’t do this consecutively, try to do it throughout the year. Turn off everything. It may seem extreme, but if your staff can get in touch with you, they will.

So just unplug.

One of the best things about unplugging is that it gives you a chance to refresh yourself and come back with a new creative view of things. Even problems that seemed tedious and frustrating before will look different.

And if you’re really worried about things unraveling while you are away, consider using the services of managed IT Services to take over tech-management while you’re unplugged.

Don’t take work tech home

One of the best ways to create the work-life balance you crave is to leave work at work. This means you don’t take home tech that’s related to work. Don’t take your laptop home. Just don’t.

When you leave your laptop at work, it means you won’t be tempted to it them when you’re supposed to be having personal time. If you’re tempted by these items, chances are you’re going to work when you shouldn’t.

So just cut out the temptation.

Have you achieved a work-life balance?

If you want to keep business tech in check and ensure it doesn’t take over your personal life, you have to be willing to put it down. This can be difficult, but we’re talking about improving your quality of life.

It’s that big.

If you’re a business owner, be sure to implement better business practices with your staff—from more efficient processes to plenty of time away from work.

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