My MSP keeps hassling me over security. How do I make it stop?

We get it. MFA, passwords, MDR, EDR, software updates, and all the kind-but-firm emails your admin sends you about security. We’re throwing the kitchen sink at you for security needs.

What your MSP is doing is helping to protect your reputation, profits, and people. They want you to stay in business, and it’s their job to work hard at it.

The ingenuity and increase in cybercrime are constant battles for your MSP. We struggle with the balance of tools, end-user education, and people.
Our goal is a simple one: keep your firm operational and your staff productive.

Yes, we can be sticklers for two-factor authentication and password resets, but the harsh reality is we’ve seen the results of a successful attack, and it’s not pretty.

We spoke with a prospect who had been hit with ransomware a few months ago, and they were in panic mode. All their files were encrypted, no one could work, they couldn’t invoice or receive payments, and worst of all, their manufacturing plant was down. We referred them to remediation experts, and they spent weeks and thousands of dollars getting operational.

This is our worst-case scenario.

We tell this story so people understand this is the reality you are inviting when your organization is unprepared. Yes, as an MSP, we will undoubtedly create some hoops for your team to jump through, but it’s always with the intent of proactive protection.

Good MSPs will demand a robust security infrastructure, and better ones will enforce it to protect you. Listen to them, put up with a bit of inconvenience, and keep everyone safe.