Cybersecurity data breach

The mistake of making cybersecurity an afterthought

Are you confident in your organization’s ability to deter cyber threats? Thousands of cyberattacks happen every day; it might only be a matter of time until your business becomes a target. Make cybersecurity part and parcel of your business’s daily operations and long-term continuity plan.
Security awareness training

Why is it important to invest in cybersecurity awareness training?

Did you know that up to 85 percent of all successful data breaches are caused by human error? Poor cybersecurity awareness is the main reason most employees ignore critical security policies or make ill-informed choices that jeopardize cybersecurity.
Business meeting over HIPAA

What to expect if your business potentially has a HIPAA violation

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets a framework for protecting medical data and healthcare records. But how do you know if the Act applies to you, and what happens if there's a violation? Here's a comprehensive rundown of what you need to know.
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(Part 2) 5 questions your vendors are scared you’ll ask

It’s important to know the exact level of coverage a vendor has for your business. You shouldn’t be trusting your business to a vendor with coverage you aren’t 100% comfortable with.

How to Be Compliant with Disaster Recovery Policies

When you have a sturdy disaster recovery plan in place, you're…
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Score a Touchdown with a Compliance Risk Assessment

Hire an IT consultant who is familiar with compliance. They will provide your company with a compliance risk assessment that details everything you need to remedy in order to achieve compliance.