What’s all this noise around Copilot?

Microsoft just wants more of my money, right? Well, yes,…

KME is now selling time machines!

Of course, you’re thinking, “time machine…sure.” But…
Employee using Microsoft 365

Top underrated apps from Microsoft 365

This blog post explores various Microsoft 365 applications that are less known but highly beneficial. Understand how you can use Delve, Microsoft Dynamics 365, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Outlook Online to boost productivity, save time, and increase efficiency.
Using Microsoft 365 on home computer

Microsoft 365: Are you using it to its full potential?

Microsoft 365 is a commonly underutilized enterprise cloud solution. Many entrepreneurs don't realize just how much they can do with Microsoft 365. If fully utilized, Microsoft 365 can meet most, if not all, digital workflow demands for remote and hybrid workplaces.
Office 365

The most convenient Office 365 features you're not using

As an Office 365 user, you're probably very familiar with the suite's main tools and features. You probably use the most common ones on a daily basis. But you can achieve even more by taking advantage of some of Office 365’s lesser known (but incredibly helpful) features.
Be more productive.

11 Small Ways Office 365 Boosts Productivity, Big Time

There are a variety of Office 365 features that allow for increased collaboration. We’ve put together a list of 11 ways the program helps you save resources and boost productivity in your business.
Coach t-shirt.

Office 365 Support: Coaching Your Business Through the Cloud

Without a coach, teams would find it a heck of a lot harder to come together and win games. Similarly, without Office 365 support, your team will likely find it challenging to integrate the solution into your business game plan.