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“You don’t need good security, don’t waste your money.” Signed, your friendly ransomware folks

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My MSP keeps hassling me over security. How do I make it stop?

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The Reality of a Breached Firm: Why Better Cybersecurity is Essential

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Having a meeting in a protected business

Protect your reputation, profits, and people through outsourced security

A successful cyberattack can lead to loss of money and brand reputation. It can also risk the safety of your employees and customers if their sensitive personal data falls into the wrong hands. But with a strongly backed cybersecurity framework, you can avoid such risks.
Cybersecurity tip - spotting phishing scams

Spotting and responding to phishing attempts/scams

Research shows that phishing remains a troublesome cybersecurity issue for many companies. Protecting businesses against phishing attacks starts with ongoing employee training. As the first line of defense against phishing, employees must learn to spot and respond to these attacks.
IT provider checking servers and network

7 things your IT provider should be doing regularly

To have the best relationship with a managed IT provider, your expectations and their scope of service must be aligned. An ideal IT partnership is based on mutual understanding. That's why it's important to know what to expect from an MSP from the very start.
IT budgeting cheat sheet

Your IT budgeting cheat sheet

The recipe for an IT budget includes careful planning, aligning expenses with business goals, understanding the business, learning from the past, and looking to the future. Remember, an IT budget reflects your IT strategy — it’s not just about the numbers.