Trusted security advice – why you should care!

Several months ago, Hans Mize, a good friend, and CEO of started asking me insightful questions about better protecting his firm.  Hans clearly saw the security threat landscape increasing and as such, wanted to be ahead of things.  I was glad to discuss and after reviewing everything, Data41 became a client of KME Systems.

Why should you care?  Because security threats can endanger not just your team but your clients as well.  Hans saw that and decided to act. You should review everything with your IT team or MSP as well.

From the CEO viewpoint, Hans spent the time and money to better protect both his business and his clients.  The Data41 team likes the new systems because they can work with their client’s info in a more secure manner.  Hans recognized they needed to increase security profiles because old threats are evolving, and new threats are emerging.  So he acted.

KME Systems is proud to have earned the business of Data41, the premier analytics company in Orange County as a new managed services client.  

We’ve established a strong communication process to make sure all processes, toolsets, and people are working together to better protect everything at Data41 and their respective clients.

During the onboarding process, great questions and insight by Data41 proved invaluable to make everything was covered appropriately.  KME’s “We give a damn” attitude matched Data41’s desire to protect themselves and their client. Read their blog as well here and see it from the client’s perspective.

Have you candidly reviewed your security situation?  Take the time.