Co-managed partners

Why your business should leave network management to a co-managed partner

Good network management is essential for any modern business. All businesses rely on their network to be able to conduct core business, communicate internally, and reach their clients. Network failures and outages can be detrimental to business performance. They also come at a significant cost.

Network management is a critical but time-consuming process. This is best left to an expert co-managed service provider.

Network management is very time-consuming

Network management is a complex and highly involved process that is extremely time-consuming. A high-performing network is vital for every business, but it requires constant monitoring and maintenance. Without continual attention, your network will not operate at peak efficiency or deliver the performance you need for critical operational tasks.

Essential network management tasks can take up a great deal of your IT team’s time every day. Furthermore, many of these tasks are tedious. And, rather than focusing on this work, your internal IT staff could be spending time progressing strategic projects for your business. Working with a co-managed network management partner takes these daily, tedious tasks off your team’s plate and frees them up to focus on IT strategy and improvement.

Access to a large, dedicated staff

Effective network management also involves constant monitoring. Network downtime can cost your business significantly in lost productivity, lost sales, and other operational issues. The average cost of enterprise server downtime in 2019 was more than $300,000 per hour. Furthermore, according to LogicMonitor’s 2019 IT Outage Impact Study, companies that experience frequent outages needed almost double the number of staff to troubleshoot problems. Expert server monitoring helps to troubleshoot issues before they result in downtime and fix them as quickly as possible in the event that they do.

One of the key advantages of working with a co-managed provider is that they have a large staff available to monitor your network. This means that your partner’s team will be constantly monitoring your network and will instantly identify and address any issues. Additionally, many IT providers have multiple shifts of workers that provide round-the-clock staffing and ensure constant monitoring. And, more importantly, co-managed providers are experts in network management and have developed optimum processes for efficient and secure network monitoring.

24/7 monitoring and maintenance

As network monitoring specialists, your co-managed service provider will have not only the necessary processes in place to efficiently and effectively monitor your network, but they will also have access to the latest tools. Most co-managed service providers will use cutting-edge tools and technologies to ensure that your network is always monitored.

This kind of comprehensive, round-the-clock coverage simply cannot be obtained with an in-house IT team. Additionally, a dedicated network management service provider has the capacity and the expertise to go beyond reacting to network issues and provide proactive support. By identifying and troubleshooting irregularities before they become major problems, this minimizes impacts on end-users, allowing them to work more effectively.

Network specialists for remediation and resolution

Co-managed network management services providers have specialized technicians that will immediately react and address issues. They know how to act to resolve problems as quickly as possible. This will minimize network downtime when issues arise and ensure that you can get back on track. Get back to business as quickly as possible.

Your co-managed services partner will also go beyond simply resolving network glitches. They will also be able to make expert recommendations and give you advice on how to optimize your network infrastructure. With a large amount of specific knowledge and experience in this area, a co-managed service provider can provide useful insights. They also will give you an invaluable outside perspective. This, in turn, will allow you to develop a network that is less likely to run into problems and will best support your business’s needs.

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