“You don’t need good security, don’t waste your money.” Signed, your friendly ransomware folks

Imagine you’re a burglar.

(We know, we know. Just go with us…)

You prowl around the first home on the street. The windows are shut. The door is locked. There’s an alarm box hanging on the wall and you’re pretty sure that’s a dog dish on the kitchen floor. Sure you could risk it, but why? Instead, you crawl on over to the next house. You know, the one with the window wide open and a Stickie note on the front door that says, “Gone for the weekend, key under the mat.”

Believe it or not, it’s the same with ransomware hackers.

They don’t like a well-prepared business.  They try to get into your systems, get frustrated by a decent defense and most of them move on.

“Wait, what?  Aren’t they going to really try to get me?

Probably not. There are just so many easy targets out there. A modern security system and well-trained employees are enough to discourage the majority of hacks.

Keeping a lot of bad guys out means a little preparation.

To protect your business, talk to a good MSP. And if you have an MSP or internal staff ask them a few questions:

  • How would you attack us?
  • Are our backups protected?
  • When was the last successful disaster recovery test?
  • Are our critical business technologies and processes protected?
  • Are you sure? Why are you sure?

This isn’t a gotcha moment. It’s simply a reminder to lock your doors. Turn on your alarm. And if you have a dog, make sure you let it know how much you appreciate it.

It’s helping stop the majority of crooks before they even get started.