3 Issues Preventing IT Support That SoCal Businesses Don’t Get (And 1 They Do)

Most of our business at KME Systems is done in SoCal and Las Vegas, but we have clients all over the world. From them, we’ve heard about the excuses that their former MSP or IT support guy have given when external forces prevent them from providing quick turnaround times. Most of those issues, we on the West Coast empathize with but will never “get” first-hand. When you’re dealing with these disasters or situations, outside of being prepared with superior IT support in advance, there’s not much you can do but laugh.

1.) I’m Snowed In!

I’ve got colleagues that know heavy snowfalls are going to give them a pounding headache. When the roads close, there’s not a lot you can do fix outages on-site. One time a client told me his car got stuck in a snow bank.  I replied, “It’s like any other bank right? Just leave through the front door.” There was dead silence after I said that. He must have got disconnected. I’m sure he’ll call back, but it’s been a few months…

2.) I’m Not Going Out in a Lightning Storm!

I know it’s real and dangerous, but we don’t get it here. We could use the rain for sure, but electricity coming from the sky and destroying equipment? Nope, not here.  Brownouts and skyrocketing power and gas bills? Now those we get. Not to mention earthquakes, fires, and tsunamis (yes, let’s not mention those).

3.) I’m Heading for My Tornado Shelter!

Tornado watches and warnings never get sent to our phones. To think your business can be flattened while the building next store is untouched just boggles us.  When we get hit with an earthquake everyone is in the same boat. But a natural disaster that picks and chooses its victims? That’s not fair.

The one we get?

1.) I’m Stuck in Traffic…

You’ve heard all the stories and jokes but until you are sitting on the 405S near the 10 on a Friday afternoon at 5pm you’ll never understand it. Gridlock. Go two miles in an hour. What’s worse is that you’ll see the same congestion 12 hours later, there’s just no rhyme or reason to it.

Car-B-Qs, our joke for cars on fire? They happen every day. And if we get a little rain, it’s crazy to watch people driving 85 mph on the freeway, switching lanes like they are trying out for NASCAR. We measure distance for IT support in time, not miles. So when a client 60 miles away wants support, we think about how long it will take to get there depending on the time of day. “Beam me to the client, Scotty” can’t be a dream forever, can it? Thankfully, we have the people to send out so you won’t be left hanging.

Of course, natural disasters are serious and I hope you had a small laugh with this list. What isn’t a laughing matter is planning for them. Be sure to prepare your family, take the right precautions, etc.  And don’t stop there, plan for your business as well. Primarily, we want you safe, but we also want there to be a business to come back to when you make it to work. Contact us at KME Systems to get IT support that keeps you safe and sound.

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