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4 ways the cloud boosts employee satisfaction

When businesses migrate to the cloud, they no longer experience the inherent limits created by on-premise servers. Employees can work from anywhere. Applications run more smoothly because they’re housed on cloud servers. And, all the efficiency and reliability of a smart cloud strategy makes day-to-day work-life more convenient. There’s no question that the benefits the cloud offers can improve your employees’ experience. Let’s look more closely at how cloud benefits can boost employee satisfaction and be a gamechanger for your teams.

Greater flexibility

With applications and files stored on off-site servers, employees can access your work system, collaborate with co-workers, and stay productive from anywhere. This enables remote work and greater flexibility.

The reality is, a lot of people appreciate being able to work from home. A 2020 workforce survey found that employees who telecommute are happier than those commuting to the office or workplace every day. Fifty-seven percent of remote workers considered themselves very satisfied with their job during the pandemic, compared to only 50 percent who commuted to work.

Without the disruption of workplace distractions – which cost businesses about $600 billion a year – and no need to spend time traveling to and from the office, employees aren’t just more satisfied, they’re more productive. In a recent FlexJobs survey, 95 percent of respondents said their productivity went up while working from home.

Enhanced collaboration

With the cloud, employees can also stay connected. Cloud-based solutions can immensely improve business communications. For example, with unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution, employees can meet virtually with the touch of a button. Chat features, secure file sharing, and voice calls enable real-time communication. This is a huge plus for your remote teams and for those who travel.

Improved connectivity

When your business moves your IT infrastructure to the cloud, you can access the computing power of your provider’s data center. As a result, your employees aren’t stuck with the limited capabilities of in-house servers. Better connectivity means improved application performance and a more reliable experience for your employees.

Single sign-on

Another huge advantage of the cloud is convenience. If you use single sign-on (SSO), your employees can use a single set of log-in credentials to access all necessary work apps and cloud workflows. Without SSO, your end users may have to switch between multiple apps and websites to get their work done. Be sure to discuss this benefit with your managed service provider (MSP).

How to leverage cloud benefits to empower your employees

Cloud computing makes work flexibility feasible for more businesses. With the cloud technology available today, everything workers could access from their desktop at the office is now accessible anywhere. It also enables better server performance, reliability, and an improved overall experience. However, to realize these benefits, you need a strategy tailored to your organization’s unique needs and end-users.

When working with a technology expert specializing in cloud computing, you achieve streamlined workflows and better performance that it promises. The expert team at KME Systems can help you restructure your IT infrastructure and leverage all the benefits the cloud offers. We’ll also ensure your systems are secure, customized to your business, and entirely scalable. Get in touch today to get started.