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5 Reasons Your Company Needs an IT Service Desk

You’re an entrepreneur. Your company is growing. As your operation expands, it becomes clear growing pains are inevitable.

It’s time to offload some of your stress. In that vein, here are five reasons to consider making use of an IT service desk.

1. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Your staff is busy, just like you. They have a specific skill set. That’s why you hired them. You need them to do their jobs, not take on IT projects they may or may not be equipped to handle.

For any SMB, one of the challenges of maintaining success is focus. Anything that distracts your team has the potential to derail your growth. Sure, you might have someone on staff who can figure out why the printer isn’t working, but wouldn’t it be better if he were doing his actual job?

An IT service desk takes that responsibility off your people, freeing them to focus on actual work.

2. Time is money . . . times two.

Your staff is already spread thin. When one of your employees has to stop work to deal with an IT hiccup, they’re not doing what you pay them to do. That’s your first loss.

On top of that, they’re trying to fix something they that could easily fall outside their area of expertise. Loss number two.

When the issue is finally resolved, your staff member will have to circle back around to his/her job responsibilities and regain focus. By then, they’ve lost time they could have spent facilitating your company’s growth, and they’ve lost time learning how to act as an ad hoc IT service desk rep.

The inefficiency compounds. It’s so much better to have the right resources on call.

3. Fixes that don’t work.

Many SMBs don’t have an IT expert on staff. Even if a staff member doesn’t have to neglect core responsibilities to handle an IT issue, they may have no idea how to work with technology. That’s like taking your car to a mechanic who isn’t really a mechanic. They can attempt to address the problem, but there’s no guarantee their “fix” will result in actual improvement.

And what if they unintentionally make things worse?

Solve technical problems correctly the first time by relying on a skilled IT service desk.

4. Reduced operating costs.

There’s real monetary savings in outsourcing your IT service desk.

A quality service provider will address issues strategically, taking into account your business needs and goals. They won’t just make the printer print this time. They’ll track down the network error causing the misfire and ensure nothing like it happens again.

Why run into the same issue repeatedly? A professional IT service desk can provide one-and-done solutions that leave you and your team better equipped, both now and in the future.

5. Around the clock support.

For SMBs, it’s simply not practical to staff an internal IT service desk. Especially if you need support 24/7. Even if you can afford one staff member during business hours, that represents a very limited resource available only at very specific times.

But an outsourced IT service desk can be available and on call every day, all day. When something goes wrong, you won’t have to worry about what time it is. You’ll have an entire team of experts at your disposal around the clock.

KME Systems knows IT service desk support.

If you’re an SMB owner and you’re serious about getting the IT service desk support you need when you need it, KME Systems is ready to deliver. Our service desk support is unparalleled. This is one of those business tools that can truly set you apart from the competition.

If you’re ready to experience the hassle-free bliss of solid IT service desk support, contact KME Systems today.

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