IT provider checking servers and network

7 things your IT provider should be doing regularly

In the past, managed IT was relatively straightforward—take care of day-to-day IT support and maybe help the client adopt new IT tools. Today, the scope of managed services has expanded drastically. Forces such as rapidly evolving technologies, dynamic business environments, IT-based competition, cyber insecurity, and the pressure to minimize operational costs have redefined the role of an IT provider.

IT leaders and businesses have high expectations of MSPs, which is why many customers are dissatisfied with their IT providers. According to new statistics, 95 percent of MSP customers switched providers because they were unhappy with their services.

Realistically, what should you expect from an IT provider? Well, that largely depends on the MSP in question. But generally, a good MSP should provide the following services.

Adopting the latest technologies

Keeping up with the latest digital business solutions gives you a competitive edge and streamlines your business processes. But the tech landscape is vast and highly dynamic. You need someone to help you select, implement, and run the newest innovations that bring tangible value to your enterprise.

Keeping up with the latest cyber threats

Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats facing businesses today. Cybercriminals are constantly devising ingenious new ways to perpetrate their attacks, which are increasingly becoming more sophisticated and devastating. According to data collected by Atlas VPN, the world lost over $1 trillion to cybercrime in 2020. An IT provider should help protect your digital assets against old and emerging threats.

Updating your network performance

Your corporate network is the critical backbone of the entire IT infrastructure. Its performance often dictates resource and data availability throughout the enterprise. Part of the MSP’s job is to ensure optimal network performance through continuous component upgrading and optimization.

Managing data backups and disaster recovery systems

Data is one of the most valuable business resources—protecting it should be a high priority for your organization and the MSP as well. Your MSP should help out with establishing and managing data backups and recovery systems to guarantee 24/7 data availability and safety.

Maintaining compliance and certifications

Nearly all countries have now adopted data protection and privacy legislation to govern data safety. Depending on its nature, your company may be subject to various industrial, federal, state, or international data safety laws. An IT provider should help you navigate the compliance requirements for these regulations to achieve standard data security and avoid non-compliance penalties.

Creating a business continuity plan

A business continuity plan (BCP) outlines how a business will continue operating after a severe disruption of normal operations. Your business and IT must be flexible and agile enough to cope with unexpected challenges to ensure their survival. An MSP is there to develop a solid continuity plan to get over unforeseeable disasters such as cyberattacks, data loss, or systems failure.

Housekeeping and documentation

IT providers are responsible for general IT housekeeping tasks such as systems servicing, optimization, and upgrading. They also document important details about the IT infrastructure, including IT inventories, audits, patching and update cycles, warranties, licenses, and insurance.

Keep in mind that all MSPs do not offer the same services, and IT requirements may vary between companies. So, make sure you understand what your business needs are and check whether a particular MSP can meet those needs. Don’t hesitate to ask the MSP what kind of services and solutions you should expect from them—a good MSP partnership is based on mutual trust and transparency.

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