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A Game-Changing New Year’s Resolution: Building Your IT Strategy

New year’s resolutions are everywhere, and while most personal goals crash and burn, failure is not an option for businesses looking to grow. So, put the metaphorical cookies aside and prepare to strengthen your company this year by investing in your most neglected muscle to success: your IT strategy.

Preparing for Your Explosive IT Growth

Like anything worthwhile, strategies are necessary to experience growth in your technological productivity. Although the new year is a time for new commitments, they aren’t self-fulfilling. You won’t miraculously wake up one day with a leaner waistline and increased strength, as this takes time and commitment. More importantly, however, is knowledge, and those committed to making strides at the gym know that hiring a personal trainer is one of the best things they could do to reach their goals. Sure, it takes a little money, but the payout is huge for serious individuals.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is to IT what a personal trainer is to fitness. Like the personal trainer, an MSP looks at the entire body of an organization and builds a strategy to ensure each part grows proportionally to create a powerhouse machine.

Considering Each Component of Your Network

Ever thought about how each piece of technology holds your company together? Like the inner workings of a human body, an entry-level office assistant shares a connection to the CEO, and every part in-between must communicate through an IT system. The health of this system has a direct effect on a company’s productivity.

Sick of stressing about losing all of your data because you’re only storing it locally? Tired of your accounting manager having a work computer without remote access and taking calls continually to learn what’s going on at the office? Feel like your brand-new computer’s performance isn’t up to speed? Can’t keep up with schedules because your calendar isn’t online? Constant router problems keeping your employees offline?

With an MSP, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Thinking about Going at IT Alone?

Could you improve your IT strategy on your own? Sure. But without intricate knowledge of how your entire company works together, some parts will ultimately be neglected and lead to decreased performance across the board.

Upgrading half of your office computers while giving the old units as hand-me-downs to lower-level employees may sound like a good solution, but some components at the server level may no longer work right for your new machines.

Moving over to 100% cloud storage to quell your fears about losing all of your data could dramatically slow down individual employees’ productivity, depending on internet speeds and file sizes.

While both scenarios solve a problem, they produce yet another. Writing your own IT license to save money is never a good idea and leads to loss of time and more money going towards fixes than improving productivity.

Don’t let it be a year of constant gains and backtracking.

Building for the Future with an MSP

Why take your business’ IT strategy as serious as personal health and hire an MSP? Because IT penetrates every part of your company, from your secretary’s desk to your servers housing all of your data. Without the right strategy to amp these up, any gains your company intends to make this year could be diminished. Our team at KME Systems is here to ensure your new year is your most successful yet.

Ready to build?

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