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What’s all this noise around Copilot?

Microsoft just wants more of my money, right? Well, yes, Microsoft does want more of your money, but that’s a given for any for-profit business. The thing is, Copilot can impact your bottom line in enormously positive ways—even to a point where it might feel like Microsoft is paying you to use it. I know […]

KME is now selling time machines!

Of course, you’re thinking, “time machine…sure.” But hear me out. I’m a Physicist by training, so I know a little about this topic. You might say there are only 24 hours in a day, and there’s no way around it. To that, I’d say maybe, or maybe not. I may not control time, but I […]

How secure is your business, really?

Face it—you don’t really know how good or bad your security is. That’s probably a scary thought for some of you and most certainly annoying to any IT professionals reading this who do know. But consider the why of this statement for a moment. Security isn’t as simple as setting cruise control. It’s a journey […]

What are all these cyber acronyms? (And why should you care?)

MSP, AI, ML, phishing, quishing… It seems like tech workers make up a new phrase or acronym every time they go to lunch. And can you blame them? The cyber landscape is always evolving, and new inventions are hitting the headlines at a breakneck pace. To help you keep up, here are some basic terms […]

Looking for a good MSP? Start by eliminating the bad ones.

You’ve seen all the marketing and sales materials. How could you miss ‘em! Loads of emails, phone calls and LinkedIn requests from MSPs who want your business. These are all tactics a salesperson might use to get your attention. And after a while, they may start to sound alike.   So before you start wading through […]

What’s a Business Physical? (And why would I ever need that?)

You’re feeling great, getting plenty of veggies, and you got a 5k coming up next month. So why would you go see a doctor for a physical? Nothing’s wrong so no need to waste the time and money, right? Most of us know that the key to stopping major illnesses is finding them and fixing […]

I clicked on a bad email – What do I do? Am I fired??  

It’s 1:30 PM, you just returned from lunch, and your inbox updates with a slew of new messages to catch up on from the morning. You notice an email from the CEO of your company asking you to complete a task. Could this be your big break? Your CEO asks you to review an attachment […]