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Fake Antivirus Apps Plague Windows/Google Stores

Scams reproduce fast. Once one scammer figures out a way to succeed, copycats decide to attempt it themselves. In April, Google offered refunds to users who purchased a fake Kaspersky Mobile app from Google Play. Since then, there have been complaints of the same scam within the Android and Windows phone app stores. The fake […]

A New Form of Ransomware Targets Mac Computers As Well As PCs

Ransomware is malware used specifically for cyber data kidnapping. Cryptolocker, an updated form of ransomware, is used by cybercriminals to encrypt a victim’s data with a strong 1,024-bit algorithm.  The cybercriminal then demands payment from the victim to obtain the decryption code. How Does a Computer Get Infected With Cryptolocker? There are two primary ways […]

Is Your Business Still Running Exchange Server 2003?

Did you know that the latest version of Microsoft’s Outlook application, 2013, is not officially supported by Microsoft if you use Microsoft Exchange Server 2003? This is not any fault of Exchange 2003. With Microsoft Outlook 2013, Microsoft has done away with some features found in previous versions of Outlook. Many legacy public folder functions […]

If You’re Still Using Antivirus Software, You’re Risking Your Data, Your Business, and Wasting Your Money!

Security software giant, Symantec, recently admitted that their antivirus software is no longer effective against today’s sophisticated cyber threats. Antivirus software on your desktop is still required, but your business must have a complete network security protection plan deployed and monitored every minute of the day. Brian Dye, Symantec’s senior vice president for information security […]

I’m thinking about a New MSP and They Told Me to Buy All New Technology. Are They NUTS?!

No, they are not nuts.  Let’s assume you’ve done your research, interviewed several MSP candidates and have decided that you are best aligned with a certain provider.  When presented with the contract pricing, you may notice major remediation fees listed, basically scrapping your network, backup system, servers, and maybe even your phone system as well.

Server Virtualization: How Can it Help Your Business?

The goal of server virtualization is fairly simple; get more value from hardware and stop the sprawl of servers in a company. Just a few years ago, IT firms would buy and dedicate a server to every application they needed. From email to database to printing, if a new piece of software was needed, the […]