Data Loss

Boo! 6 terrifying truths about data loss

Data loss is an issue that should always be taken seriously by small businesses. PHeed these scary facts about how data loss can hurt a small business.

1. Data loss isn’t always caused by hackers

You may imagine a security breach involves nefarious hackers in a dark basement room, typing away for hours on end until they crack the code that gives them access to your SMB’s information.

However, the truth is that social engineering attacks like phishing scams are more likely culprits.

It’s also possible that a simple weakness in your hardware, software or network could leave information vulnerable and ripe for the taking. Data loss could even be caused by user error—it’s easy to accidentally press the delete button!

2. Data loss may be the 2nd greatest risk in computer security

Only data breaches are a greater threat to small businesses using cloud storage these days, according to the Cloud Security Alliance.

Having data in the cloud doesn’t necessarily pose more of a risk than classic storage methods. It simply comes with another set of challenges to consider.

Whatever storage method you prefer, having backups is the best way to avoid data loss.

3. Your business needs more than just data loss prevention technology

Small businesses may focus on software and programs that help to prevent data loss, but that is not enough.

You must have a comprehensive data loss plan that includes employee education, monitoring and analytics. Most data loss prevention technology would not catch an insider threat. That requires vigilance and the aforementioned tactics.

4. All drives fail

The failure rate of all disk drives is 100%.

Every drive will eventually fail. It’s not a matter of if but when. For the most part, technological advancement encourages us to get a new computer or upgrade systems every few years or so, which lessens the risk of drive failure, but even new drives can fail.

As previously mentioned, the best way to fight against this eventuality is to back up your data.

5. Test your backups

The scary truth is that most companies don’t test their backups. They simply believe that they will work when the time comes to use them.

However, for many, this is not true and can lead to permanent data loss. That’s why you need to test your backups.

Don’t just spot check them. Try to do a full restore on another machine to make sure that when the unthinkable disaster happens, your backup will work.

6. Many companies shut down after a large data loss

Studies show that companies who lose 60% or more of their data shut down after about 6 months because it is just way too hard to recover from that hard of a hit.

Additionally, if the lost data remains unavailable for 10 days or more, it is unlikely that the company will resume operations.

Small businesses are especially vulnerable because they have varying levels of resources to devote to recovery.

Stopping data loss dead in its tracks

Keep your business up and running even in the face of data loss. Working with a diligent and responsible IT company can help you to avoid the hardship of losing a significant portion of your data.

Contact your managed IT services provider to find out how they can help!

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