Your Current Internet and Phone Bill Costs Way Too Much

Why bother saving money? Said no business owner ever. When you are running your own company, every last dollar bill counts toward something. Your work space, hardware, software, employee salaries and benefits, and a litany of other expenses could be lightened if you could just do a bit of trimming here and there.

What if a quick way to cut your overall cost lies with your current internet and phone bill?

Think about it? When was the last time someone really analyzed and scrutinized your current internet and phone bill? We’re talking about more than fluctuations of a few dollars, but an in-depth review of what all those fees, taxes, and other expenses really add up too. You’d be surprised what’s behind the curtain. Best of all, KME will do it quickly and for free. In most cases, we can even increase your service and lower your costs in the same call.

Your first question is: free? How, right? We’ll be up front. We want your business. This is a great way for us to show our standard Great Outcome processes and prove that we can obtain you better service that’s more aligned with your ISP and telco desires. Moreover, all ISPs and telcos have programs in place to help cover the cost of our evaluation. So, really when we find you a new provider or negotiate with your old one, they’re footing our bill.

Of course, you could call direct, but we guarantee you won’t get a better rate, plus you’ll have to take the time and who (besides us) likes to call the phone company?

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Get You Better Service – We have 20 years of experience doing this. We’ll look at your bill and review where you stand in regards to time commitments, connection speeds, long distance charges, and other components of your typical internet and phone plan. Once we understand what you are paying for, we can assist in defining what you need. That’s a level of care that you’ll never see from the phone company.
  • Find You Lower Costs – It’s not about the cheapest service. We’ll examine over 40 carriers across the USA and pinpoint the best service we can get you, whether you have one office or 100. We’ll never sell you on cutthroat pricing that sacrifices cost, but we’ll always find a way to balance your needs with latency, bandwidth, locations, and contract lengths.
  • Help You Partner with Your Providers – We’ll make sure that the contract with your current or new telco and ISP is built upon the best foundation: a strong relationship. It’s not about shaking down telcos or ISPs for the cheapest price, but uncovering what they already offer to increase functionality and take advantage of the best costs available. A good provider wants you satisfied with their services.

All we hope for is that once you see our exceptional service in action, you realize we’re the real McCoy and give us the opportunity to help you find other services that help you prosper and spend your IT dollars wisely.

Interested?  Reach out to us at KME Systems today.

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