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Demystifying IT

The spooks and scares of Halloween are almost here. Goblins and ghosts and clowns, oh my! When it comes to your technology though, do all those wires resemble a spider web? When a red warning flashes onto your screen, does horror overcome you like a zombie chase in a haunted house?

IT doesn’t have to be scary. Or confusing. Or a complete mystery. A trusted managed service provider (MSP) can help untangle the ropes and eliminate the howls of technological horror.

What is an MSP?

A managed service provider is like the guide in the middle of that awfully scary haunted house to show you the way, or that house on Halloween that gives full-size candy bars. We not only eliminate your troubles, but we make things better. Especially your business operations.

An MSP, like us here at KME Systems, will partner up with your company and become your tech-savvy right hand. We will begin by providing you with proactive IT support. Proactive means that you’re ahead of the game, looking out for danger before it can actually happen and harm you. It’s like when someone is trying to scare you, but you know about it, so you prepare to catch them off guard and scare them instead. Halloween is fun, isn’t it?

Back to technology though, this proactive system will scan your system/server 24/7/365 and warn of any potential danger. This is way more beneficial than reacting after the damage is done for many reasons. Firstly, by identifying a potential issue and taking protective measures, you will save a lot of downtime than if you had to wait to fix broken technology. Nothing halts a business’s productivity more than downtime. And secondly, you can solve issues remotely this way. No need to worry about the extra costs of rolling out a specialist to your location. We understand how annoying those unexpected missions can be. It’s like thinking your Halloween costume is complete and ready to go, but then you notice the day-of that you’re missing a crucial item. Now, you have to plan a last-minute trip to the store and hope they have what you’re looking for. Inconvenient, we know.

Benefits on benefits on benefits

We aren’t quite finished yet with how an MSP can make your technological worries evaporate. Firstly, you will constantly have unlimited access to a help desk with an expert consultant. Whenever you need us, we’re there. Secondly, you get more than just a service provider out of us. You get a valuable partnership. With technology being such a vital and integral part of businesses these days, it’s always a good idea to have a tech buddy to take care of you when problems arise. And who knows, maybe we can recommend some cool gadgets to make your Halloween decorations the best on the block.

We will also make all that techno talk easy to understand. For example, we offer services such as virtualization, disaster recovery, cloud services, and VoIP. When we get into the nitty gritty details, it can get a bit confusing. We know how to make understanding technology simple though, so no worries there.

Contact us!

IT doesn’t have to be a mysterious, dark, dusty topic – that’s what Halloween is for. We’ll be there for you through all the scares and surprises, making your technology easy so that you can just sit back and enjoy. Trick-or-treating is much more fun without having to worry about your costume tearing, or getting bad candy. Call us today and we’ll make sure your technology is as smooth as that caramel filling you’re craving!

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