Driving Collaboration with Unified Communications

Unified communications (UC) are incorporating various platforms such as email, phone, instant messaging, etc all into a single platform. 

This can allow for improved teamwork and increased flexibility for employees. These things are crucial for helping a business run smoothly. 

UC can do this and much more. Running a business using UC will become so simple that you won’t miss what you were using before.

Here’s why. 

Use One App to Communicate

Remembering passwords has never been an easy task. Think about the process you go through every day – having to log in to different accounts just to communicate with clients. 

Now imagine a world where you use one system, and all your accounts require one login.

Searching through old emails and messages to find the info you’ve sent can be time-consuming and take away time for important tasks. However, with one platform containing all client info you’ve ever sent, one click of a button and you can find what you need. 

UC can save you time while removing the need to have a spreadsheet that contains all your passwords.

Working From Home Becomes Simple

Everyone has emergencies, from a sick child to a dog that eats foreign objects – it happens to the best of us. 

Say you wake up one morning – your favorite shoe is missing and your dog can’t stop shaking – how are you going to attend the 9 am meeting you’ve had scheduled for months? 

This client isn’t easy to schedule a meeting with and you have important information you have to discuss with them. Generally, you would have to reschedule the meeting. This causes unhappy people and processes to get delayed. 

With UC, all of these troubles go away. 

Instead of having to meet them and present powerpoints, you can use the screen share feature that UC platforms like Microsoft Teams have and present it to them via WiFi. No one has to drive anywhere – traffic who? You can even allow the other person to take control of your screen if they want to make comments. 

Efficient. Easy. 

Better Communication With Coworkers

Working on projects is a complicated process – especially when it requires people with different skills to work on one document together. Communication is key in determining whether this process goes well or not.

Alternately – if you have a screen sharing feature, you can take control of the screen to make edits or allow someone else to as well. This creates a simple process for correcting issues and placing everyone on the same page. 

With UC, teamwork is easy and there’s no issue with communication.

Your Business Will Thrive

Last but not least, for a business to increase scalability, clients need to be happy with the services they are receiving. If there is a breakdown in communication, it creates roadblocks. 

When account managers get shuffled around or people leave a company, the information they’ve gathered leaves when their account gets deleted.

But what if that wasn’t the case? 

If all the information received was recorded in a channel, then the new account manager can have an easy transition to an account. UC platforms can help you track things better so you can make these kinds of handoffs smoother.

Happier clients help a business grow and increase revenue.

Let Unified Communications Make Your Life Easier

If you choose UC today, you can support collaboration and help things run smoothly. Happier employees mean happier clients. Your business can thrive under the right platform. 

This is where KME can help you. If you’re interested in learning more or just want to talk about what UC can do for you – send us a message today. We would love to hear from you