“I Want the Cheeseburger I See in the Ads!” Your MSP’s Promises Should Match the Marketing Hype—Ours DO

How many times have you seen an ad for a fast food joint, and thought to yourself, “wow, that looks pretty good?” Only when you eventually go into one of those restaurants and order something off the menu, it comes out looking nothing like the ad you remember or even the picture posted on the menu. Overall, it just tastes OK—you’re hungry, and it’s acceptable.

Maybe you leave satisfied, maybe you don’t. But the reality is the product delivered simply doesn’t match the marketing hype. We’re used to these kinds of flashy marketing campaigns and sales techniques failing to deliver on their promises, and often that is acceptable to us.

But “OK” isn’t good enough to a good MSP, and when it comes to your business, you want a partner who truly delivers on their promises.

At KME, Acceptable Isn’t in Our Vocabulary

Our service department can and does match the promises our marketing and sales teams make. It’s not enough to paint a picture of a great looking cheeseburger and serve you something acceptable. Everything must align—great marketing, backed by great service and support.

Plenty of MSPs have great websites, but do they have great support? And more importantly, can you prove they do, before ordering off the menu? Well, we can. We can prove our support keeps the promises our marketing and sales teams make.

HOW, you ask? How can you prove that?

  • We’ve been in business for over 30 years. You just don’t last if the service level isn’t high and your customers are left unsatisfied.
  • We have 281 5-Star Google reviews written by our current clients. Check them out.
  • KME randomly surveys our clients after closed support tickets. Out of 7460 reviews, we average 9.87 out of 10. We think that’s pretty decent, and it’s all posted on our website. Take a look!

Of course, some might think we may make up reviews or simply don’t publish the bad ones. But that’s not the case—we post them all, even when we get a 4 or 5 out of 10. We make it a priority to call every client who gives us an 8 or less because our Service Director, Shane, believes “feedback is a gift.”

If we make a mistake with a client, we want to fix it, but more importantly, we want to uncover the why. This is how we ensure better experiences for current and future clients.

It’s Because We Give a Damn

We care about our clients’ businesses. We listen, grow from feedback, and we’re transparent about our clients’ experiences. It’s because at the end of the day, we truly give a damn about keeping the promises we make and delivering the high level of service you deserve.

Want an MSP who isn’t afraid to keep the promises of its marketing and sales teams? We’ll show you why we’re an MSP that lives up to the hype.

—Mark Essayian, President & Founder, KME Systems