Why “I’ll Fix My Computer” Isn’t a Smart Decision

Plenty of folks feel their PC experience is enough to handle technical issues or glitches with their company’s computers. They imagine that if the fix isn’t intuitive, a solution can be researched online. On that point, I disagree.

Like any business process, corporate IT support involves complicated procedures. If you are not immersed in tech support and fixes on a daily basis, it’s so easy to bungle the execution. The enthusiasm of an amateur is never a match for a professional.


Productivity Is Greatly Affected

When you are fixing a PC or laptop, who is doing your job? Your work is critical to the performance of your business. Can you afford to cut time out of your day to research and test solutions through trial and error? Without the expert knowledge of an MSP, a routine fix can take much longer to diagnose. An hour stretches into three or five hours (if you’re lucky). Can you afford to lose most of your day?

On top of that, two employees are now not producing for the firm: both you and the broken PC owner. The loaded cost of two unproductive team members monkeying around with complex technical fixes instead of focusing on client needs adds up to a big cost.

It’s easy to retort that even with the help of a hired pro, you’re still down one person. Hopefully, if you are working with a managed service provider, they have made other resources available to you beforehand to guarantee that everyone remains productive.

Your Fix Might Be Incomplete

Imagine trying to prescribe your own medicine from symptoms you’ve read about on WebMd. It’s all a shot in the dark based on uninformed assumptions. Can you really be sure your diagnosis is even right? Ultimately, it’s the same scenario when untrained people try to fix their computers.

Let’s say your computer is affected by a virus or piece of malware. Even if you feel you’ve done your due diligence, how do you know it’s removed? The outward symptoms might have eased up, but what if another part of your computer was infected? Or the virus jumped elsewhere in your network? Improper virus removal can cause compounding levels of grief.

Even if you lucked out and a virus wasn’t the culprit, upgrades and maintenance aren’t without their snares. If you install your own PC’s operating system, are you setting it up right? What about new users? Does the end user have the correct permissions on the network?

I’ve seen plenty of PCs needlessly given administrative rights to the network. At the time, it was the “easiest solution” or “didn’t seem like something that mattered.” Then, they’re speechless when an employee deletes critical data, destroys essential network processes, or opens their small business to hackers.

You trust your doctor and lawyer to do their jobs: you need to trust technical professionals to do theirs. We have PC/Laptop support for those businesses that need their office computers to efficiently run. Contact us today and we can keep your business from unraveling.

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