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Improve Customer Service by Outsourcing IT

Without your customers, your business wouldn’t exist. The same can be said about your IT network because your technology plays an essential role in meeting your clients’ needs; however, technology issues can also present a stumbling block to serving your customers. Here are two reasons why outsourcing IT to a managed services provider (MSP) could be the best customer service investment you’ll make in 2017:

Free up Time

Passing your IT hat to an MSP means you no longer have to worry about taking care of your network. But outsourcing IT doesn’t just free up more time because you have a dedicated group of experts tending to your system, you also receive a new approach to technology care.

Before we continue, how do you currently take care of your network?

Many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) address problems as they arise. While a break-fix approach might seem ideal for reducing costs, each minute your employees must wait for repairs is another they can’t reply to customer emails or make calls.

Experienced MSPs aren’t break-fix teams. They are proactive and monitor your network 24/7 to prevent issues from ever occurring in the first place.

The less time you spend troubleshooting software or rebooting your servers, the more time you can dedicate to addressing your customers’ needs.

Improve Customer Experience

As mentioned earlier, your technology is central to your business; however, if it’s been a few years since you updated your network or the way you communicate externally, you could be under-serving your clients.

If you don’t have an IT professional advising you about the latest business technologies, who are you consulting with currently? If it’s Johnny Ponytail, your customers might already notice deficiencies even though you believe everything is fine.

Outsourcing your IT department ensures your company will always have access to the latest technology. The benefits of remaining up-to-date directly pass on to your customers through improved communication and performance. A better customer experience ensures clients remain loyal for years to come.

Outsourcing IT with KME Systems

As an experienced MSP, KME Systems can support your business and ensure your network meets yours and your clients’ needs.

Give us a call when you’re ready to begin outsourcing IT and improving your customer service.

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