Do You Know The Values Of Your IT Provider?

Understanding corporate values both internally and externally are critical items to success. I felt that reflecting on this topic for a few minutes was genuinely worthwhile.   At KME we do our best to work with clients that are like-minded as it creates the best chance for mutual success.

It is imperative that firms delivering services to you should have a clear understanding of your corporate values and you should know theirs.  It’s much easier to succeed when both parties are on the same page as to expectations.  If you don’t outsource, do your internal IT folks really know your corporate values?

From my point of view it’s the same issue both internally and externally.  Let’s start with my firm, our simple values are as follows:

  • Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Ethics
  • Dedicated to Excellence and Client Success
  • All Pulling in the Same Direction
  • Work Hard / Play Hard

They speak for themselves and show you our guiding principles on the roadmap to success.   This roadmap concept is key as it guides our internal staff daily in performance of their tasks.  Our team knows what is expected and they insure the right turn is taken on all decisions.  We are certainly not perfect, but knowing the KME roadmap greatly decreases bad decision making.

If you handle IT internally, does your team know your corporate values and use them as a roadmap to deliver success?  You might have it posted on your website or even in the employee handbook, but I suggest you take the time to go over with them on a constant basis.  Once your team knows they are actually accountable to these values and that you take them seriously, they should react accordingly.  If a team member doesn’t, then I suggest it’s time to replace them.  They may be the strongest IT person on the team, but if they don’t follow your values, it’s time for them to find another place to work.

Knowing and more importantly believing in company values allows us to successfully engage not only with our clients but with our staff.  They know to do the right thing, do their best and have a good time doing it as well.

Have a dissenting point of view?  Want to know more?   Please comment, email, post or even go old school and call us! 


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