How Your Logizomechanophobia is Hurting Your Business

Is a word you’ve never heard of a major drain on your business? For many people, logizomechanophobia adds hours or days to projects and prevents productivity from ever hitting full stride. I’ve seen this fear hold back the potential of numerous clients over the years, so I’m ready to take a stand. Logizomechanophobia, or a fear of computers, is undeniably holding your business back.

In all the cases I’ve encountered, this fear is also a fear of change (Metathesiophobia). The common response tossed around is “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Nothing has ever been accomplished with that mentality. Computers would still take up entire offices. Every piece of computing hardware would be wired. No one wants to revert to those inconvenient days, but many people find it easier to brush off the value that a new version of software can bring to their business. 

For example, there are millions of folks now using Office365. The old standbys (Word, Outlook, and Excel) are all in use in those offices, but what about the new features? How many of those millions of people are missing out on time-saving new capabilities by neglecting to take a few minutes every month to learn how these tools can benefit them?

Whole new features in Office 365 can fast track processes that might otherwise be slow and tedious.

  • Yammer: Allows messenger style communication that can be kept open or strictly confidential based on your needs.
  • Delve: Empowers users to access documents that you want and some you didn’t know you needed to expand your projects in unexpected ways.
  • Sway: Provides the ability to create and share ideas that are polished, interactive, and web based.
  • PowerBI: Enlivens your company’s data by transforming it into rich visuals that simplify presentations and next-step strategies.

Other tools exist and more are being developed by Microsoft. Some might be beneficial and some won’t pay off, however being fearful of learning a new technology will simply hold you back and make you less valuable.

One of our clients recently proved what a little openness can achieve. Up until recently, he spent at least two hours every week to sort and resort a large spreadsheet generating multiple reports. During a meeting, I discussed that slicers or visual filters would save him hours in his pivot reports. Though he could have continued doing the same comfortable processes, he took a leap of faith. After about 15 minutes, he understood the power of slicers and his team can now sort their spreadsheet data however they want in seconds. He saves 6 hours a month on that task and the end results he is getting from his reports are even better.

Take the time to look around your existing software tools, maybe even take a training class or two, and forget your fear.  The old way of doing something will still be there, but don’t be afraid to try something new.

And if you want a technical partner that can illuminate new strategies and time-saving tools, reach out to KME Systems. We have over 22 years of experience adapting to new technology and finding ways to optimize our clients’ capabilities. Contact us today and we can help you find the best solutions for you.

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