Looking for a good MSP? Start by eliminating the bad ones.

You’ve seen all the marketing and sales materials. How could you miss ‘em! Loads of emails, phone calls and LinkedIn requests from MSPs who want your business. These are all tactics a salesperson might use to get your attention. And after a while, they may start to sound alike.  

So before you start wading through sales pitches and trying to determine what makes a good MSP, it might be easier to focus on what a good MSP is not.

  • A good MSP is not always trying to sell you something: Yes, we will meet with you and discuss new technology, devices going out of warranty, and emerging tech. But we’re not Amazon or Walmart, always tempting you with a barrage of snacks, blinking lights, and add-on purchases. A good MSP understands your business, brings value and asks you to spend responsibly.
  • A good MSP is not going to waste your time: You bet we want to talk with you about direction, needs and strategy. Why? Because the more we understand your business, the more we can deliver real value to the executive team and all your staff. But if you sense an MSP is just trying to show off what they already know, show them the door.
  • A good MSP is not hiding anything: Clear communication is required for any relationship. So we strive for transparency even when the truth is tough to hear. Solving problems isn’t about blame, it’s about helping everyone learn and keeping the business safe. (For what it’s worth, KME Systems has more than 7000 reviews online. Most are great. And every time we’ve failed, you can see exactly how we followed up and fixed it.)
  • A good MSP is not servicing your business just because “we have a contract”: Contracts are important. They help businesses work together, know service rates, pay bills and so on.  But a good MSP doesn’t respond to your questions with, “That ain’t in our contract.” Every question is an opportunity to see how your business has evolved and how we can help.

KME Systems is a good MSP not just because we avoid these pitfalls, but because of our clients. They’ve kept us in business for 30 years. And that’s a testament not just to our technology, but to the way we approach their business. (No LinkedIn spam necessary!)