Looking for IT support in Las Vegas? KME Systems has a local perspective.

There are several good IT firms in the valley, so why should you talk to KME Systems? Because we are local and know the area.   My family moved to Las Vegas in 1963 and I was born here, making me a native of the Silver State.   To be fair, I presently spend more time in Southern CA, but anyone who has an office in both locations can attest to being able to drive I-15 almost in their sleep.

Our staff in Las Vegas has been there for a long time.  We know the details about the town and are able to better service our clients due to that knowledge.  We respect and understand the local unique needs and don’t just helicopter in and assume we know everything.

We live in the area and understand the only way to long term success is to treat our business neighbors with respect and fair pricing.  Client projects are always based on the knowledge we have to support it as we are a business here too.  We buy locally whenever possible to support the economy and other local businesses.

KME Systems provides IT support and guidance based on your specific needs and we’re happy to sit down in your office and discuss your specific concerns.  We can’t take you to lunch at Papa Gars anymore, but we can discuss Cloud, phones, servers and support your current needs.

If you are in the market for IT services and want to speak to a local company, give us a call at 702-948-8995.

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