Office 365

Make Your Office 365 Adoption Amazing

You’re an Office 365 power user.

You know Excel pivot tables, you’ve mastered Word, and you can work Outlook with the best of them. Basically, you’re an Office rockstar. Even so, there’s probably a lot you don’t know about Office 365. The average user hasn’t tapped into some of Microsoft’s most powerful features.

And worst of all, these features are available at no additional charge. If you’re already using Office 365, you have access to them.

Word, Outlook and Excel are the primary components of Office. That’s likely what you’re most familiar with, but they’re just the beginning. There are many other amazing tools and apps baked into Office 365. It really benefits you to spend some time exploring everything else.

If you’re using the online version of Office 365, just click on the waffle (the 9 dots in the upper left) and check out the following.


Delve lists all the documents you and your team are working on. That means no more searching endlessly.


A chat based workspace for internal and external members to communicate, Teams is a great way to keep in touch without an onslaught of email. Easily manage collaborative meetings with Skype, share and archive important information, and so much more.


Build your own applications with PowerApps. You can have exactly the functionality you need.


Store and share files with your team in Sharepoint’s cloud-based space. Real time document collaboration, full compliance capability, and straightforward document control and storage.


It will take a bit of time to fully understand how to use these applications. It’s not something you can just jump right into. However, it’s well worth the investment.

Once you’ve mastered the advanced features, you’ll really start to see the full potential of Office 365. And if you have questions, need training, or we can help in any other way, KME is here.

Feel free to call, email, send a text or even use Morse code. We’re always ready to help.

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