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Why Orange County IT Support Is the Smart Pick for Local Businesses

Why is local support important? Because technology breaks. And when stuff physically breaks, there’s a chance you’ll need someone onsite for the fix. These days, much of the value a good MSP provides for your business is leveraged through remote resolution, but there are still situations where an onsite, flesh-and-blood engineer is your only salvation. How does it pay to keep your tech team local? Here are a few advantages your Orange County IT Support team delivers that a strictly remote MSP could not.

1.) Get Onsite Quickly

When a modem gets fried or an employee’s work station gets an unplanned coffee bath, you need someone onsite to swap out products and parts. Certain types of resolutions, though possible with remote service, happen faster when a trained engineer is onsite to coach you through the issue. Any clients trusting us as their Orange County IT support partner know that in urgent situations, one of our remote engineers will start remediation while we dispatch an onsite engineer to work hand-in-hand to get the issues fixed faster.

What about a strictly remote MSP? Their options are more limited. If you are a primo client with a bold-face brand name, they might send one of their top technicians out to fix the problem. Even then, all the time spent on a commute into town (anyone unfamiliar with the area is going to have a fun introduction to the 405) is time your employees spend working below optimal productivity. And if a remote MSP is unwilling to send someone internal, they might outsource your service call in another provider. Can you trust this unknown vendor to deliver the same level of quality? We wouldn’t.

2.) Technical Maintenance

Good MSP engineers are trained to follow best practices when onsite to make sure things are working fine. That proactive technical support can uncover issues you never imagined.

Take a recent example from one of KME’s engineers. He took the time to help a client handle a pressing issue onsite. Once his resolution was completed, he did his rounds and found a mop bucket with water inside of the server room! The server room door was being left unlocked and the janitorial staff had temporarily used it as a closet. Needless to say, our engineer moved the mop immediately.

In our client’s server room was a multi-thousand dollar accident waiting to happen. Under strictly remote service, that problem would have gone sight unseen until it was too late.

3.) Client Interaction

We also happen to believe that your MSP should never be a faceless entity. Ultimately, people want to be able to know who they are doing business with (we are social beings, after all). A good Orange County IT support provider makes the effort to be present for clients, whether taking care of onsite fixes and proactive tech support or presenting a QBR and getting to know the client better.

The Total Value of Orange County IT Support

Remote technical support is important, but when local support is required, there’s no substitute for Orange County IT Support. That’s what KME offers clients. Our team of technical engineers can address issues both remotely and in-person, pursuing resolutions in an efficient and comprehensive way.

Plus, we find out what’s important to you and tailor our service to your specific needs. You’ll never settle for boilerplate solutions.  Contact us today to find out how a local managed service provider can help your business perform at a totally different level.

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