Proactive Technical Support: Why Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

Technical support is more than firefighting. A managed service provider can react fast, but there’s still a chance that you will get burned before the fix is completed. That’s why we always promote proactive technical support. It’s part of the value of a managed service provider.

Yet once you have proactive tech support, can you stay blissfully ignorant to each averted crisis as long as it actually gets averted? We think not. At KME Systems, we believe it’s important for your business to remain in the loop about we do for you. The reason being? It helps us to protect you even better than before.

How We Share Our Proactive Technical Support

Each MSP handles things a little differently. Like every business, we all have different values (which you should learn about before you partner with any vendor). Our values as an IT service provider are pretty straightforward:

  1. Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Ethics (H.I.R.E)
  2. Partner in your success
  3. All Pulling in the Same Direction
  4. Work Hard / Play Hard

So when we check your systems and verify that your end users have everything needed to be productive, we want to tell you about it. It’s honest transparency and it also helps both sides to be pulling in the same direction. That means we can collectively go further than before.

Our quarterly briefings are a forum to keep clients aware of how they’re covered. Sure, it’s a time for us to prove our worth and explain all the small issues we prevented from becoming big over the last 90 days. However, we aim to reduce and minimize all those little IT hiccups even further. That’s where you come in.

Why Discussing Proactive Technical Support Matters

We value the perspectives of our clients. Their viewpoints differ from our own and the types of questions they think to ask often spark new strategies and IT support tactics. That’s why we encourage them to ask questions and voice concerns. Both sides grow from the interaction and our service gets even better.

Truthfully, strong relationships with your IT service provider create a mutual understanding. Your vendor understands your wants, needs, and desired end results. Overtime, those wants and needs evolve, and regular dialogue keeps that connection sturdy.

This approach all comes back to one of the qualities that separates KME Systems from the competition. We follow a proven Great Outcome Process that is built around the needs, budget, and expectation of our clients. So, if you want proactive technical support that evolves and changes with your business, contact us today to get started.

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