Software Defined Networking (SDN): Worth the Investment?

Software Defined Networking (or SDN) is a recent technology that is delivering great results for companies testing and deploying it.  Smart IT departments have been increasingly implementing SDN since its emergence to enhance their network infrastructure and protect their organizations in various ways.  Today it affects larger firms with Data Centers but very shortly, like with all technology, it will be useful for all.

SDN is a stronger and cheaper way to build a network that breaks apart the old strategy of every switch being smart and expensive.  Instead, SDN is less expensive hardware with more intelligent, separate software controlling that cheaper hardware.  SDN is the future of networking.  All major manufacturers agree.

For those of you who simply don’t want to spend any money on a new network, consider this:  Do you know how much you spend on your current network infrastructure?  Everything from hardware, software, support contracts, employee training, turnover, etc.  These items add up!  So how does SDN mitigate any of this?   SDN delivers on several realities, people are using it now in several areas.

  • Reduces Operating Expenses
    SDN is easier to deploy, grow and manage.  It also helps prevent mistakes by providing faster, more detailed knowledge of your entire network.
  • Reduces Capital Expenses
    SDN is delivering on the promise of being faster and cheaper. You now have the option of not being stuck with vendor specific technologies without the threat of interoperability concerns.   If you want to stay with your current vendor, that’s fine, but now you have real options.
  • Grow anywhere, especially Cloud
    You can now spin up virtual workloads anywhere without burdensome network design meetings.  SDN will give you insight as never before into your network.
  • Securely enable your company
    You’ll be able to consider delivering new capabilities to your staff, clients and vendors.  New types of applications and services will become available and bundled with a new level of security.  Security alone will force many firms to deploy SDN and then they will see the other benefits.

KME has chosen as our technology choice for this area.  They have quite an offering and we are on board! We are committed to making sure our clients are aware of game changing tech and we’re doing an education campaign for our clients this coming year.  Want to know more, reach out to us!

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