Starting a New Business Or Office? There Are Some Great New Technologies To Consider!

If you are starting a new business or opening an additional office for your existing business, there are some great new technologies you should consider.  These new advances make it easier for clients to reach you, easier to get started in your new business and make it easier to protect your digital assets.

Let’s start with needing to communicate with your future clients.  You want to be easy to reach via phone, but investing in a fancy phone system seems expensive and out of reach.   Not true!   There are several excellent Cloud voice companies that offer incredible options to help you stay in touch.  You can inexpensively get options to include voice, video, auto-attendant, voicemail, on premise, remote phones and more.   Your communication system can be configured to find you on multiple phones and even be specific as to what time of day you want to be called.  It can also prioritize high value clients.

Even if you are technologically challenged, you can quickly learn and use Microsoft features such as Lync (soon to be renamed Skype for Business).  You can video conference, call and share your desktop, allowing for excellent, fast meetings on the fly.

Another great option is Cloud based applications.  You’ll need software to help run the business but you don’t need to start with onsite servers and expensive installation and training.  For example, business accounting is available from the Cloud via FreshBooks or QuickBooks.  Both firms allow you to quickly get your accounting house in order and access your data from the office, home, hotel and even smart phone!

Another great Cloud application is Office 365.  You will get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email, online file sharing, etc. all in one simple to use and economic package.  It’s the same great Office applications you are already familiar with, making the learning curve quick.   You don’t need to buy everything separately, but get a unified package to make your life easy.  Office 365 comes with OneDrive giving you a terabyte, that’s right 1000GB, in the cloud to backup and protect your files.  You can setup sharing with your clients as well and again, it only takes minutes to learn how to use.

Best of all, you can buy these options in single quantities, making it possible for you to take great advantage of what you need today to really connect with your clients.  If you’d like some help personalizing your specific needs, please call KME at 949-462-7001 ext 460 or contact us here!

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