Business man wearing a red cape.

Your Superhero Suit, Part 2

All superheroes share a similar mission: defeat supervillains to save their cities (or in some cases, the world) from utter destruction.

Batman and Superman defend Gotham and Metropolis, respectively. Batman usually works at night with an array of technical gadgets, relying on his assistant Alfred for support. Superman tends to fight crime in the daylight, using his superhuman strength, flight, heat vision, and the reassurance of Lois Lane to get the job done.

Their endgame is the same. It’s how they save the day that varies.

The same idea applies to small businesses. All SMBs want to serve their customers. How they accomplish this differs.

Architecture firms depend on access to large design files and databases to create building blueprints, while travel consultants primarily rely on communication tools and a steady internet connection to book vacations.

The bottom line is this: both superheroes and SMBs need access to a variety of tools and high-quality support to be successful.

They each need a custom suit.

Creating an iconic superhero suit.

In the beginning, Daredevil takes a minimalistic approach to his crime-fighting attire: pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and a headscarf. All black, all cloth.

He feels protective body armor will slow him down and interfere with his hand-to-hand fighting style. Sure, he gets a few cuts and bruises. But his basic gear provides sufficient protection. Until it doesn’t.

One night he fights the evil Kingpin in an abandoned warehouse. No matter what Daredevil does, he can’t seem to injure the supervillain or his cronies. He’s beaten. Badly.

When he comes to, he has a realization. He needs a better suit. So, he seeks out the man who makes Kingpin’s body armor – Melvin Potter.

Melvin is careful to design a costume that enhances Daredevil’s abilities. He selects materials that provide protection and allow for flexibility, ultimately creating Daredevil’s iconic red superhero suit, helmet, and Billy Club.

At their next encounter, Kingpin laughs at Daredevil’s new suit.

“You really think that this will change anything? You think one man in a silly little costume will make a difference?” – Kingpin, Daredevil

A few minutes later, Daredevil knocks him unconscious.

It’s all in the design.

Initially, Daredevil is hesitant to wear a protective suit. He’s certain it will hold him back. Similarly, many SMBs are afraid that technology will slow them down or complicate their current processes. In fact, the opposite is true.

“People are afraid of what they don’t understand.” – Jonathan Kent, Man of Steel

Once Daredevil donned protective armor, he was able to defeat one of Hell’s Kitchen’s shadiest supervillains. We’re confident that the right IT infrastructure and support team will allow you to overcome obstacles and accomplish great feats.

Here’s how.

Protecting your assets.

Daredevil’s suit is designed with protection in mind. Knowing he’s well-protected lets him focus less on self-defense and more on defending the innocents of Hell’s Kitchen.

For healthcare practices and SMBs with access to sensitive personal data, maintaining HITECH and HIPAA compliance is essential. When you let IT experts focus on maintaining a secure network, you can focus more time on saving your client’s day.

Enabling your productivity.

Melvin is a brilliant designer. Daredevil doesn’t have to worry about his superhero suit falling apart. It just works, meaning he can spend more time guarding the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.

Your IT network should provide similar consistency. When you don’t have to worry about solving minor IT issues, you can focus more time on the bigger picture: building your legacy.

Enhancing your mobility.

Daredevil’s suit is flexible yet durable, complementing his preferred fighting style: hand-to-hand combat. The more freely he can move, the more crime he can stop.

Some SMBs need reliable technology that allows for on-the-go productivity. Mobility-enhancing solutions like Office 365 and cloud computing, combined with an expert level of support, empower your team to work from anywhere without technology-related complications.

Equipping you with tools.

Daredevil’s trademark Billy Club is an extremely versatile tool. Its different capabilities give Daredevil options when it comes to taking down the criminals of Hell’s Kitchen.

IT gives you options, too. Take unified communications, for example. It provides you with multiple modes of communication, allowing you to easily collaborate with your team and accomplish any mission.

What we’re getting at is this: the right IT solutions combined with expert IT support will help you heroically lead your business to victory.

To be continued…

In the third installment of this five-part series, we’ll take a closer look at the different foundational components that power your network.

Until next time, remember: you are the hero of your business. At KME, we’re simply here to provide reliable IT so that you can focus on conquering your goals.

Ready to don your superhero suit? We’ve got a design for you.


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