Business Continuity

9 Reasons You Need a Business Continuity Plan

There are two kinds of challenges to doing business. There’s the normal day-to-day stuff. And then there’s the unexpected. The things you can’t see coming until they hit you square in the face. When it comes to the second kind, having a business continuity plan makes all the difference.
Disaster City

Disaster Recovery That Would Make Batman Proud

Disaster recovery has a single goal. It won’t make your company more efficient, or generate leads, or attract new employees. It won’t even make you more profitable during normal day-to-day operations. Instead, disaster recovery helps you get back on your feet in the wake of any kind of interruption.

How Disaster Recovery Protects Your Company’s Reputation

At KME, we care a great deal about disaster recovery. We understand the impact downtime has on your bottom line. We also understand the hit your reputation will take if you don’t know how to navigate a disaster.
business continuity

What a Business Continuity Plan Means to You

No one wants to think about the possibility of a disaster, but the unexpected does sometimes happen. If something like that happens to your business, do you have a plan?