Employee using Microsoft 365

Top underrated apps from Microsoft 365

In our previous blog, we talked about using Microsoft 365 to its full potential. And with that there are apps that your business can use you may not be aware of. This article is a continuation and a deeper dive into the applications that are underrated. 

Here are the top five underrated apps from Microsoft 365.


Delve displays information about your current tasks and colleagues. You can search, create, share, and embed images, videos, and documents on your Delve account page. If you want your colleagues to find your account page quickly, you can add your qualifications, image, and completed projects to your page.

Each file on the Delve feed has a picture, name, and recent changes. When you find a relevant or interesting file, you can add it to a Delve Board. This board will host related documents, and your project colleagues can see the documents on the board.

Delve is available on Google Play, App Store, and Windows Store. Its files can be shared across multiple Microsoft 365 apps, such as OneNote, Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, or SharePoint. Also, Delve always sends an email notification to the concerned users whenever a document is shared or edited. 

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a customer relationship management platform with multiple solutions and services, such as:

  • Customer Insights. Derives and presents insights from Power BI, Windows 365, Dynamics 365, and other information sources
  • Customer Service. Provides tools for customer, community, and support agent engagement
  • Field Service. Manages workflows, inventory, and contracts. You can also use it to allocate and schedule resources.
  • Finance. Offers financial management tools, such as cost management and cash flow control
  • Marketing. Combines with Adobe Marketing Cloud to create customized marketing campaigns
  • Sales. Offers key sales insights, including sales performance and customer engagement


OneDrive is a cloud-based sharing and storage solution that is part of the Microsoft 365 package. End users can store personal files and collaborate with colleagues on OneDrive. Some subscription plans even allow for offline file access.

OneDrive offers live file synchronization across multiple devices. Also, you can send password-protected file links via text or email. OneDrive links can also have an expiration date that the user sets.

The stored files are protected by a Personal Vault and SSL encryption. OneDrive also has data backup and recovery features to protect against ransomware attacks.


SharePoint enables document, file, and folder sharing over the internet. More than 200 million users access the SharePoint platform on multiple devices and via web browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and Chrome. This streamlines data management while enhancing efficiency and productivity.

SharePoint has three communication templates: Topic, Blank, and Showcase. These templates boost collaboration because user group members can quickly share relevant information, such as new policies and procedures. In addition, modern lists and libraries have eased data movement by introducing “Copy to” and “Move to” tabs.


Visio makes it easy to create a diagram in Microsoft 365. It allows for business processes to be transformed and doing that with diagrams is often the starting point. This app helps organizations to improve and visually communicate processes to help adapt quickly to change. Visio allows you to create diagrams in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel to share a visual representation. 

Outlook Online

Outlook Online is Microsoft’s email platform. The application can be used on mobile and desktop browsers. It’s used to send emails and organize your calendar. Users can compose, send, and receive messages or files for free. Outlook Online has a Focused Inbox to filter important emails and enhance navigation. At the same time, you can create collaboration teams and use time suggestions to schedule meetings.

Microsoft 365 is a revolutionary solution for businesses and individuals, and you can highly benefit from it if you use all its applications. At KME, we help Microsoft 365 users to optimize their subscriptions and increase efficiency. Contact us to get started.