Want a Good IT Solutions Vendor? Find Out Who Their Vendors Are.

Most vendors are basically useless. At best, they have a passable ability to follow orders. At worst, they are leeches that drain funds from your business with costly mistakes. However, the rare exceptional vendor can act as an extension of your team and truly improve your business.

The factors that separate the right IT solutions vendor from the pretenders are varied but one incomparable point bears recognition: the best vendors are backed by exceptional vendors of their own.

The Best Working with the Best

This truth is something we’ll vouch for first-hand. At KME Systems, we constantly strive to surround ourselves with intelligent vendors. The reason being? Their canny understanding of what makes our business competitive helps us to amplify our services and the capabilities of our clients.

One example is Ingram Micro. Right now, I am at an event hosted by their team. For those of you who haven’t heard of Ingram, do a quick Google search of the stock symbol IM. They have a market cap of $4.7 billion and they’ve earned every penny of it.

Ingram does what any good vendor will do: provides clients with service that goes above and beyond ordinary service. This annual event updates critical clients on the latest offerings, tools, and industry trends. I have attended these events for years because Ingram’s team has convinced me that their primary mission is to help KME Systems succeed with its own clients. I’d be stupid to not take advantage of the intelligence Ingram has garnered, analyzed, and structured over the years.

Making Sure Your Vendor Runs with a Good Crowd

Why am I telling you all this? Because the businesses that KME and other managed service providers use as vendors impact your business. That’s why before you work with any service provider, you need to learn a little bit about their bedfellows. Before you sign an agreement, find the answers to these questions about your vendor’s vendors:

  • Which aspects of the business does your vendor outsource?
  • Which service providers do they rely upon?
  • Are those service providers well ranked among their peers?

If your vendor cannot give you satisfactory answers to these questions, then it might be worthwhile to consider taking your business elsewhere. There are plenty of reasons not to use a professional IT support firm. Make sure you are keeping your eye out for signs that your IT solutions vendor is not doing your business justice.

Want to guarantee that your MSP stands on the shoulders of exceptional vendors? Look no further than KME. We only work with the best service providers so that your business never has to worry that your IT solutions are built on anything less than solid ground. Contact us today to get your business supported by the best.

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