What’s a Business Physical? (And why would I ever need that?)

You’re feeling great, getting plenty of veggies, and you got a 5k coming up next month. So why would you go see a doctor for a physical? Nothing’s wrong so no need to waste the time and money, right?

Most of us know that the key to stopping major illnesses is finding them and fixing them while they’re still minor problems.

And it’s the same with your business.

Maybe you’re convinced there are no IT issues, your antivirus software is humming and everything is backed up anyway. So who needs an MSP and all that security costs? Our IT guy is watching it, right?

Unfortunately, most businesses are in trouble months before they see the symptoms. Compromised businesses go an average of 270 days before intruders are detected. The bad guys are simply waiting for the best time to exploit you. And then they strike. Hard.

  • You cannot take payments or invoice your clients
  • Has client data been lost that you need to explain?
  • Did you have a PII or PHI breach?  Are you sure?
  • Worst off – can your people work and generate your revenue?

It’s simple math. If your billable rate is $250 per hour and 20 people can’t work you are losing $5,000 per hour. That’s $40,000 every single lost day.

“Calm down, I have cyber-insurance!”

Well, do you? Did you answer your last cyber insurance questionnaire correctly or just check all the boxes yes because you’re pretty sure your IT team had it covered?  

And if you don’t, well… Good luck buying car insurance after an accident. It’s ugly. And don’t forget during all this time you are trying to recover, losing client credibility, and passing up thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

The solution? A Business Physical.

It’s easy to get checked out for vulnerabilities, proper security, patching, business continuity, end-user training, and more. And it does more than just give you peace of mind. It protects you against threats you may not even know exist.

One last thing. It’s good to be wary of blogs based on FUD – Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. But this is real. You need to be protected from cybercriminals. And if you’re not, you need to question what’s going on in your business.  

There are good MSPs out there and, at the risk of tooting our own horn, KME Systems is one of them. So schedule a Business Physical before bad news becomes a reality.