Windows 7, The Bell Tolls For Thee!

That’s right, end of life for Windows 7 is January 2015.   Don’t believe it?  Check out Microsoft’s own support statement here. Of course extended support will be around for a while, so don’t panic.   But what you should be concerned about is older technology in your workplace like Windows Server 2003.  It’s a hazard for several reasons and one of the most important is security.

Hopefully by now you’ve replaced all your Windows XP PC’s and are on track to replace any servers running Windows 2003.  Several of our clients complained that Windows XP was running fine and so is Server 2003, so why all these replacements from Microsoft?  Do they just want more of my money? My response of “Because they are doing their job protecting you” usually catches a client a little off-guard.

It’s important to upgrade your software as Microsoft continues to improve their products both from a usability perspective, but also from an increased security perspective.  Take for example Windows XP, Microsoft kept that product functional for over a decade.  But what many customers didn’t see what the constant struggle Microsoft faced keeping that operating system secure.  Microsoft spent tens of thousands of hours fixing and preventing security issues.  I agree with many who say it’s their job, but as a consumer, I also must realize sometimes technology just gets old and has to be replaced.   Ten years is a long time in the IT business and Microsoft has had to deal with new and improved threats on a daily basis.  New hacking tools are created constantly while they had to maintain compatibility and functions for millions of PC’s. Not an easy job.

Security is critical to your business.  You want your intellectual property protected from theft as best as possible at all times.  Look at the news of recent data loss from major corporations and you’ll easily see how important it is to take precautions with your data.  Older technology that you think is “still good” might actually be the fastest way for thieves to get into your network.

So carefully reconsider that older technology.  Windows 7 is safe for now and still supported, but Server 2003 is coming to a close in a few months.  Reach out to KME Systems with any questions and comments.

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