You have great tech to help your team work remotely

If you introduce new technology to your workplace, you need the right support from your IT staff – and the right attitude from your employees – to make it work. Here’s our take on rolling out technology across your company and best practices for increasing employee engagement in the new setup. 

Why technology matters

Don’t underestimate the value of technology in the workplace. Reports show that downtime costs SMBs up to $10,000 an hour, and employees lose up to 545 productive hours a year between troubleshooting IT problems and waiting on slow machines. With the right technology, you’ll minimize these lost resources. 

What’s more, technology opens up possibilities for remote working, which boosts employee morale and in the midst of crisis can save lives. In a recent study, 24 percent of respondents found that enterprise mobility significantly boosted employee productivity. 

How to get IT staff and employees on board with new technology 

Rolling out new technology across a business is never easy, especially when there is a crisis happening but you can improve the process and reduce downtime for your business by following these five key steps. 

Choose the right tools

Every company’s IT requirements are unique, and there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to your digital setup. Choosing the right software, hardware, and cloud storage solutions gives your in-house IT staff and employees the tools they need to succeed, which should be one of your top priorities. 

Train your staff  

If your staff doesn’t know how to use a certain technology, they’ll avoid it. Train your employees on any new tech you roll out, and support them throughout the process. Show them how to follow IT best practices, including cybersecurity and compliance protocols, to reduce the risk of a data breach and associated downtime. 

Encourage collaboration

Technology makes it easy for employees to work together and communicate efficiently. Why does this matter? It’s simple. When working from home, everyone needs to be on the same page. Effective communication can boost employee engagement levels and increase overall productivity. There’s less chance of miscommunications, too, which helps employees focus on the task at hand rather than asking multiple clarifying questions.

Focus on the future 

Technology lets you focus on the future. It’s good practice to look forward, not back, but studies show that 80 percent of work conversations focus on talking through past failures, including tech problems. Instead, use fresh technology as a chance to talk up exciting new possibilities and boost employee morale. Get employees excited about your new technology, and they’ll make it work for you. 

Make IT support accessible

It should be easy for your employees to ask your IT support team for help when they need it. IT service providers should be more than just janitors cleaning up IT issues. They’re a part of your team, and they should care about boosting productivity and reducing downtime as much as you do.

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