Why your business should leave network management to a co-managed partner

Your network is critical for your business, and network problems and downtime can be costly. However, good network management involves constant, time-consuming monitoring that is best left to an external co-managed service partner.
Co-managed Managed IT

5 ways to leverage co-managed services to assist your IT staff

Co-managed IT lets you keep control of your IT infrastructure while absorbing the tasks that your in-house staff lacks the time or skills to complete. Basically, co-managed IT services augment your IT department with new skill sets and a capable workforce.

When does your business need co-managed services?

Co-managed IT lets you keep your in-house IT team while still enjoying the many benefits of outsourcing IT support services. At times, you may need both external assistance and close-range support to meet your IT objectives — co-managed IT makes that possible.

Transitioning back to the office after COVID-19

Are you ready to reopen your office or workspace after COVID-19? Don't worry — below, we take you through the key steps to transitioning back to office life after remote working, including how to address technology concerns and how to prepare your staff for their return.

Our 3 favorite communication platforms for remote working

With more people working remotely than ever before, communication platforms have become essential tools. Our favorite communication platforms, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Apple’s FaceTime are great for keeping teams connected and maintaining high levels of productivity.

Actively using the power of community to improve your recipe for success

There are many vendors that support our peer groups and they deliver strong content not only about their product but what they see in the marketplace. These vendors are solidly committed to the overall success of their partners. We couldn’t do our job without them!

A security framework for remote working

Have you made the necessary security preparations to facilitate a smooth transition from an on-site workplace to remote working? Security is a priority concern when collaborating with remote employees, considering that you have limited control over critical security details.

Trusted security advice – why you should care!

Security threats can endanger not just your team but your clients as well. Have you candidly reviewed your security situation? Take the time.
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5 features your remote working solution should have

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses everywhere are forced to operate remotely. This poses risks because employees will be using unsecured wifi and devices which hackers can easily access. Your company data could be on the line and you need to take the necessary steps to protect it.

A to-do list after your successful new technology integration

You did it! Your new technology solution is up and running and that big project is over. Time to start reaping the benefits of that new solution. But where do you start?