Employee working from home

Five unexpected work from home benefits

The huge shift to remote work in 2020 revealed how beneficial working from home could be for businesses. To get the most out of the remote model, leverage the right technology, and make IT management and support a priority. Then, you can keep your data secure and empower your remote teams.
Working remotely at home

5 ways to increase efficiency and satisfaction while working remotely

A considerable percentage of the American workforce currently works from home. And due to the many benefits it presents, remote work is quickly replacing the traditional physical workplace. But without the right preparation, working with remote employees can be challenging and even risky.
Employee benefitting from cloud solutions

How cloud solutions can make your life easier

The cloud provides endless options to augment business IT infrastructure while minimizing investment and operational costs. Understanding what cloud solutions can do for your business is the first step to leveraging the power of cloud computing to improve your enterprise’s performance.
Avoiding HIPAA violations

3 best practices to avoid HIPAA violations

If any organization that handles healthcare information violates HIPAA, the government may impose massive fines. Following IT security best practices and working with a co-managed IT provider to ensure your systems are safe can save your organization from the consequences of a HIPAA violation.
Women working on laptops

3 insider tips about HIPAA compliance when working from home

All U.S. businesses involved in holding, using, or transmitting personal health information (PHI) electronically, must abide by strict HIPAA data security and privacy rules. What does it really take for covered entities to become HIPAA complaint today?
Team reviewing stats

5 frightening HIPAA statistics you need to know

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) outlines protections and guidelines to which businesses of all sizes must adhere. Co-managed IT services are a cost-effective way to ensure HIPAA compliance by providing both administrative standards and cybersecurity requirements.
Business meeting over HIPAA

What to expect if your business potentially has a HIPAA violation

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets a framework for protecting medical data and healthcare records. But how do you know if the Act applies to you, and what happens if there's a violation? Here's a comprehensive rundown of what you need to know.
Team internal meeting about cybersecurity

A complete guide to performing an internal cybersecurity risk assessment

Cybersecurity management is about learning what to expect and being ready for it. And, on that note, running a cybersecurity risk assessment helps you evaluate and improve your organization’s security stance through discovering new threats, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures.
Enterprise level security

Safeguard your business with enterprise level security

A multi-layered security approach ensures you protect your company's critical data and infrastructure from all angles. But what exactly is multi-layered cybersecurity, why does comprehensive enterprise security matter, and how do you deploy it across your business? Here's what you should know.
Creating an IT incident response report

The critical steps to IT incident response

Cybersecurity is both proactive and responsive. Besides putting in place preemptive measures to deter cybercriminals, you also need an IT incident response strategy to counteract imminent threats. Think of an IR plan as a damage control measure.